VIDEO: Meet the Denisovans, Humans’ Mysterious Cousins

We humans really like to think that we’re exceptional among the creatures of the Earth. But it wasn’t always that way. Until relatively recently, there were multiple types of humans, not just Homo sapiens. There were Neanderthals, and the more mysterious, recently discovered Denisovans. The Denisovans are named after Denisova Cave in Siberia. Until 2019, […]

Fire at Museum of Chinese in America Caused Less Damage Than Initially Feared

Editor’s Note, January 30, 2020: A fire at the Museum of Chinese in America’s archives may have caused less damage than initially feared, reports Sophia Chang for Gothamist. Per MOCA President Nancy Yao Maasbach, roughly 200 boxes recovered from the Chinatown building that houses the museum’s archives appear to be “very much salvageable.” Twenty-five of […]

Cube like UFO flying at high altitude captured by Pilot Viva Air

Shannon was walking with her son to school when she saw a huge metallic disc with portholes in the sky over Tulsa, Oklahoma on January 20, 2020. The sun was reflecting off of it and although it scared her what she saw, she took a photo of the UFO with her phone. Shannon states: I […]

What Happened When Humans Met An ‘Alien’ Intelligence? Sex Happened

We have dreamed about it for so long. We’ve told stories, made movies, imagined what it would be like when we humans have our first “close encounter” with an intelligent alien, a creature about our size, who can gaze back, talk (even if we can’t understand what’s being said) who can scare us, thrill us, […]

Two Defunct Satellites Now Have a 5 Percent Chance of Colliding Tonight

The IRAS satellite, shown here, was a joint mission by NASA, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom that carried out a full-sky survey in the infrared. Tonight, there’s a small but significant chance it smashes into another satellite, GGSE-4, above Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Credit: NASA) Two inactive satellites orbiting Earth may collide high above Pittsburgh tonight […]

Brain Organoids are Farther From Consciousness Than You Might Think

Cerebral organoids, or so-called “brains in a dish,” have taken the world of neuroscience by storm. These balls of neurons and brain tissue, grown in a petri dish, are supposed to mimic early brain development in humans. Recent studies have touted swift progress, including lab-grown brains that are capable of forming neural circuits and producing […]

This Exoplanet’s Atmosphere Is So Hot It Splits Molecules In Two

The hottest known exoplanet is back in the news, answering some questions about ultra-hot planets, while also raising some new ones. The planet, KELT-9b, was first announced in 2017. It’s roughly three times the mass of Jupiter, orbits its star every day and a half, and is a whopping 7,800 degrees Fahrenheit (4,300 Celsius). Just for […]

Electrode-Wearing Jellyfish Might One Day Explore the Ocean For Us

Many robots exploring the ocean’s depths come back broken when the cold and pressure prove too much to handle. Certain species of jellyfish, however, thrive in those deep-sea environments. And if researchers tinker with the species’ natural navigation skills, maybe expeditions could rely on these naturally gifted divers instead of on metal contraptions. That’s a […]

This Robot Has Hands That ‘Sweat’ When It Gets Hot

You know the feeling. You’re working just a little harder than you thought, and suddenly your hands are slick with sweat. Thanks to new research, this hallmark of human physiology might soon be found in robots. A team of roboticists and chemists have designed rubbery fingers that automatically drip water whenever their machinery gets a […]

The Greatest Discoveries from the Spitzer Space Telescope

The Spitzer Space Telescope is one of NASA’s “Great Observatories” designed to examine the universe over a broad range of wavelengths of light. Launched in 2003, Spitzer has scanned the skies in infrared light for 16 years.  NASA has announced that it will retire the spacecraft on Jan. 30. Over its lifetime, Spitzer revealed fascinating […]

U.S. Navy Denies Request To Release UFO Documents

U.S. Navy Denies Request To Release Key UFO Documents      The United States Navy has just denied access to multiple UFO related documents requested via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). After months of processing, the Navy responded to three requests submitted by The Black Vault and stated that an untold number of records […]

The Government Secrets Trump Is About to Discover

When Dwight Eisenhower was elected president in 1952, outgoing president Harry Truman informed him of an important secret: Days before the election the United States had tested the world’s first hydrogen bomb in the Pacific. The nation now possessed a weapon roughly a hundred times as powerful as any before—and almost nobody else knew. Eight years later, when […]