Cloaked Pyramid Craft captured over Tulsa, Oklahoma?

A video uploaded by Mrmb333 on February 1, 2020 shows besides two strange clusters of light that fly through the sky and come very close together, several rare sky phenomena from around the world.

But the most amazing image captured by a citizen from Tulsa shows a pyramid shaped cloud in the sky.

Lenticular clouds are often comparable in appearance to a flying saucer and even there are pyramid shaped lenticular clouds looking like the one depicted in the image below. But after checking various sources I could not find a cloud similar to the pyramid cloud.

Image left: Pyramid shaped lenticular cloud – Image right: Pyramid cloud/craft Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I can be wrong, but in my opinion the strange looking cloud over Tulsa is not a normal cloud but more likely a cloaked pyramid shaped craft equipped with advanced technology, whether it is military or extraterrestrial.

The strange pyramid cloud comes days after a witness captured a giant metallic disc with portholes in the sky over Tulsa, Oklahoma on January 20, 2020.

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