Divers Discover An Abandoned Underwater Strip Club

Urban exploration is easily my favorite trend on the internet.

Photographers from all over the world have taken to their own backyards and wandered the abandoned buildings and towns nearby. It’s easy to see why these abandoned buildings have become the scene in front of the camera because they are not only beautiful, but incredibly mysterious.

They captivate our imaginations and take us on a journey through history. One marine biologist had no idea he would be the center of this new trend with his incredible find off the coast of Israel. Gil Koplovitz was researching off the coast of Israel when he came across something that you would never expect to see under the ocean.

Koplovitz was diving towards the end of a long dock that led out into the ocean. He thought nothing of it until he was underwater and noticed that it led to a huge structure. He peered in the windows and couldn’t believe what was inside.

His photos — taken through the windows of the rusted destination — show a glossy, pristine interior, and though the tables and chairs have been removed, the stripper’s pole remains.

Gil Koplovitz was diving off the coast of Israel when he found an abandoned structure near his dive location.

When he peered into the windows of the rusty underwater building, he noticed what looked like a dance club or restaurant of sorts.

He then noticed a stage, as well as a stripper pole, and immediately knew that what he found is probably the only underwater strip club in the world.

He did a little research on the building and found out that it used to be an underwater restaurant. The restaurant closed and it was turned into a strip club.

You walk to the end of the pier where you will find a locked door leading to a staircase. As soon as you walk down the staircase, you will be at the front door of the underwater club.

The strip club was aptly named ‘Nymphas Show Bar’.

Although empty and abandoned, the underwater club still has dancer poles connected to the ceiling.


Koplovitz isn’t sure exactly when the defunct strip club closed its doors.

Talk about a rare underwater find! We only know about 10% of what’s on our ocean floors and on that list is an actual strip club. Nobody is completely sure when or why this strip club was shut down, but this is all in a day’s work for a marine biologist. He was there to study the sea life in that area and ended up finding something far more captivating that day.

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