UFO Hovering at Tree-Top Level Witnessed By Police Officers and Farm Workers

Police Officers, Farm Workers See UFO On Outskirts of Town - The Sacramento Bee 5-29-1969

     VINA, Tehama Co. – Farm employees and law enforcement officers reported seeing a “large, bright blinking” Unidentified Flying
By The Sacramento Bee

Object near here.

Tom Kitchen, a tractor operator, said he spotted the UFO yesterday while on his tractor in a field near the Woodson bridge on the outskirts of Vina.

“It was about the size of a large auto or small bus.” Kitchen told officers who said they saw it in its ascendancy.

Follows Train

Kitchen said the UFO hovered at tree-top level and he watched it for considerable time. Then, he said, a Southern Pacific freight train rolled by on the nearby tracks and the object followed the train.

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