Retired FBI Agent Reveals His UFO Experiences, One Involving Missing Time

He was later invited to discuss them at a meeting attended by 
other government employees and higher-ranking military personnel

Retired FBI Agent Reveals His UFO Experiences, One Involving Missing Time
     In November 2019, Dr. Bob Jacobs and I published our book, Confession: Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed, in which we divulged our secret status as “experiencers”. Prior to this voluntary outing of ourselves, I was widely known for my investigations of nuclear weapons-related UFO cases—including incursions at ICBM sites—and Bob was publicly associated with one of the key events, the 1964 Big Sur Incident, when a UFO was inadvertently captured on motion picture film by a U.S. Air Force camera crew during the test launch of a dummy nuclear warhead. Almost unbelievably, the domed disc-shaped craft
Robert Hastings

By Robert Hastings
The UFO Chronicles

was seen to circle the warhead and shoot it down with four beams of light! The film was quickly classified Top Secret and confiscated by two CIA officers.

Following our coauthored book’s publication Bob and I have each been contacted by other experiencers who wished to relate their own encounters to us. In early February 2020 I was approached by one such person, a retired FBI agent—whom I have vetted—who agreed to let me publish his account as long as he remained unidentified. He told me:

A “war baby,” I was born in 1942 while my Dad was flying missions against the Japanese in the South Pacific. Upon his return home and during my formative years, he steered me towards the U.S. Air Force—if not as a career, then at least the experience. And so upon completion of high school I enrolled in and eventually graduated from a military institution, was commissioned, and reported for active duty overseas with an Air Force flying unit in 1965.

Still single and while quartered in the base Bachelor Officers Quarters (BOQ) in 1966, I experienced the following: My suite consisted of a living room and a bedroom, connected by a bathroom. The living room and bedroom each had a door opening out into a long second floor hallway of the barracks/dormitory; my suite was approximately in the middle.

While asleep one night, tucked-in beneath my blanket, I awoke to what appeared to be a person standing beside the bed and to my immediate right. Because the room was darkened the image was indistinct. There was no sound and, since my arms were pinned beneath the blanket, I had no option but to stay still. The person/image moved away and out the nearby door. I immediately jumped out of the bed, moved to that door and opened it. There was no one in the hallway, which startled me because the second floor corridor was 50-75 feet long in either direction from my bedroom door.

Fast-forward to 1974. Upon completing four years active duty with the Air Force and returning to the United States following a combat tour in Southeast Asia, I had joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), completed new-agent training, and was assigned investigative duties at a large East Coast field office. Now married, but without children, and living in a single family residence just outside Mount Holly, New Jersey (McGuire AFB/Fort Dix were nearby), I experienced the following:

My wife, myself, and another couple had enjoyed a Saturday night dinner at our house and were in the finished basement recreation room area when someone called to our attention a strange light over the tree-line beyond the back yard, visible through the rear sliding glass door. Our friends—I’ll call them “Dave” and “Michelle”—were educated, responsible and professional. He was a former college quarterback and at that time a staff assistant to a highly respected college football coach. She was a schoolteacher, friend and colleague of my wife.

The “light” appeared highly strange and unrecognizable to me as any conventional aircraft and was moving in an erratic, unpredictable manner that alarmed us. Michelle immediately became highly agitated and demanded (to me) “get your gun!” I immediately ran upstairs to the master bedroom, retrieved my issue .357 sidearm, and ran back downstairs to where the other three had been standing at the doorway. However, strangely, I have no recollection as to what happened from that point forward until the following morning when, our friends apparently having returned to their home, my wife and I proceeded with our normal activities. Several weeks later, while dining out with the same couple, I mentioned the strange event, but none of the others could recall anything beyond seeing the light. I was the only one who could recall me leaving the group and returning to the basement armed.

Later, also in 1974, I had reconnected with an Air Force friend, formerly a maintenance officer in my old squadron. A chance meeting on a commuter train brought Jim and his wife Diane to our home, again on a Saturday night, where we had dinner followed by relaxation and conversation in the downstairs recreation room. I subsequently lost touch with Jim until, years later and after my transfer to FBI Headquarters in Washington, D.C., I got a call from him as he was in the capitol area for a business conference. We agreed to meet for lunch and a tour of the nearby Air and Space Museum. Afterward and while walking back across The Mall, I remarked to him that, while extensive and interesting, there was no reference to or displays of spacecraft or the UFO phenomenon. He responded, and I’ll never forget, “Like that UFO we saw out in back of your house in New Jersey that night.” I then had and still have absolutely no recollection of the specific event to which he was referring, beyond the fact that he and Diane had actually visited us in Mt Holly.

Moving forward into the late 1980s, I was scheduled to travel to Connecticut on Bureau business, and was able to reconnect with our other friends, Dave and Michelle, who had by then relocated from New Jersey to the Hartford area. Upon my arrival and greeting them for dinner at a local restaurant, Michelle reminded me of “the UFO we saw that night” in Mt Holly. Once again, none of us could remember anything else about that event.

I asked the retired agent, “Did you or your wife ever find odd, unidentifiable marks or scars on your bodies at any point in time?” He responded, “No, nothing like that.” Continuing, he then said something that I found absolutely remarkable:

Around the decade’s turn (1989-91), I was made aware of a meeting of “experiencers”, involving persons in government and/or the military who had experienced events involving unexplained lights/strange aircraft, missing time and memory failure. I proceeded to the meeting, held at a facility in Northern Virginia near but not at the Pentagon, which was attended by numerous others, most of whom appeared to be government officials and higher-ranking military officers. I was asked to tell my story—actually, stories—and was thereafter assured that I was “not alone” and that others present at the meeting had had similar if not identical past experiences. I was subsequently provided a list of publications to read to perhaps better understand the phenomena and, as I recall, at the top of that list was Communion by Whitley Strieber.

I then asked this individual, “Who told you about the meeting?” He responded:

I cannot recall how I was advised about the meeting in Northern Virginia but information about it, as well as its location, was probably provided by an FBI associate as I had little or no contact with other government agency personnel during my 15-plus years at FBI Headquarters.

The strange experiences I had were something best left unsaid due to fear of ridicule and of job security concerns, not to mention curtailment of professional advancement. However, by the time of the meeting, I was nearing mandatory retirement age—at that time age 55 for all FBI Special Agents—and had “capped out” salary-wise so I had little to no concern regarding future administrative advancement. I had obviously told a colleague about my encounters and he in turn apparently told someone else who decided that I should attend the meeting.”

I then asked, “Were you the only member of the audience to speak about your strange experiences?” He responded:

“I do not recall any other specific stories, just that I did relate mine in detail to the group and was told afterward by one or more persons that they had experienced similar events. The purpose of the meeting was obviously to share similar experiences and information, perhaps at least in part to allay our fears, and by directing our attention to recent publications detailing the phenomena.”

This account is stunning! During all of the years that I have interviewed former/retired U.S. Air Force personnel, I have never heard anything like it. All of those veterans made clear that their superiors and/or Air Force Office of Special Investigations agents had sternly warned them not to share their nuclear weapons-related UFO encounters with others, even their spouses. Severe penalties were mentioned should a security breach occur.

However, in this case, we have a retired FBI Special Agent stating that he was proactively asked by a colleague to address a gathering of fellow government employees and higher-ranking members of the military regarding his strange, suggestive experiences. This implies that, as of the 1989-91 time-frame, some number of high-level persons in the U.S. intelligence community and the military were aware of reports relating to the UFO abduction phenomenon—that were obviously considered credible—and had authorized certain experiencers within their own organizations to attend a meeting during which the subject would be openly discussed and publicly-available information about it—found in various books and articles—would be disseminated. As far as I am aware, such an account is unprecedented!

Any individual who has had a similar experience who wishes to speak with me about it may contact me at [email protected] Please note that I will ask such persons to provide records substantiating their former U.S. government employment or military service.

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