The Roach Replication Crisis

The 1960s were a strange time, not least in the world of psychology. Just consider one classic study from this era, “Social enhancement and impairment of performance in the cockroach“, from 1969. As the title suggests, this study examined whether cockroaches are subject to social influence when performing a task. Researchers Robert Zajonc, Alexander Heingartner, […]

Nasa films mystery UFO following the International Space Station for 20 minutes

Cameras on board the International Space Station (ISS) have picked up a strange, cone-shaped object in orbit around Earth. The unexplained object seemingly keeps pace with the space station as the cameras remain locked on it for over 20 minutes. Naturally, the footage has been picked up and circulated around parts of the internet dedicated […]

When the People Investigate: How Citizen Science has Transformed Research

Over the centuries, the credentials needed to carry out scientific research have been in flux. Only recently has science become an occupation. In earlier days, science was something for those with the luxury to dedicate their leisure time or spiritual time to follow their curiosity.  In the 1600s, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek discovered microorganisms. His professional […]


As the name suggests, brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) are devices that provide a direct line of communication between the brain and a computer. Essentially, they pull off the seemingly sci-fi feat of reading minds, and research into them has made remarkable strides in recent years — we now have BCIs that can turn your thoughts into audible […]

393. Diane Tessman

Guest longtime UFO researcher, Diane Tessman discusses her new book, Future Humans and the UFOs, Time For New Thinking, plus several topics including UFO cases, time travel, her thoughts of what we may be experiencing and more. Diane’s website is www.earthchangepredictions.comEmail: [email protected]

392. Seth Breedlove

Guest Seth Breedlove will be on to talk his upcoming series, “On the Trail of UFOs”. This series features Shanon LeGro who ventures out nationwide meeting up with people to discuss the recent news and developments about UFOs as well as the  history of encounters.

Researchers link three human brains to play ‘Tetris’ as a team

The first steps toward a ‘social network of brains’ Forward-looking: What will communication be like in the far-flung future? If there really does come a day when we’re able to project our thoughts into someone else’s brain, we might have just moved a tiny bit closer to that scenario. Researchers from the University of Washington, where the […]

Retired FBI Agent Reveals His UFO Experiences, One Involving Missing Time

He was later invited to discuss them at a meeting attended by  other government employees and higher-ranking military personnel      In November 2019, Dr. Bob Jacobs and I published our book, Confession: Our Hidden Alien Encounters Revealed, in which we divulged our secret status as “experiencers”. Prior to this voluntary outing of ourselves, I […]

What are these “ghost’ UFOs orbiting Earth?

In my latest post from February 26, 2020, I wrote about the several rectangular shaped UFOs in wing formation flying at high speed through space and wondered whether these UFOs are man-made or extraterrestrial. Now again such a mysterious craft has been captured on February 25, 2020 while another footage from November last year shows […]