[email protected] Is Over; Search for Alien Life Continues

SETI@Home Is Over; Search for Alien Life Continues

Although the public part of the worldwide experiment is coming to an end this month, the world’s greatest extraterrestrial hunt is far from finished.

     In 1995, the computer scientist David Gedye had an idea that could only originate at a cocktail party. What if the world’s personal computers were linked together on the internet to create a virtual supercomputer that could help with SETI, the
By Daniel Oberhaus

search for extraterrestrial intelligence? The network would be able to sort through the massive amounts of data being collected by radio telescopes, seeking signals that might point to an alien civilization around another star. A distributed supercomputer sounded outlandish at the time, but within four years, Gedye and his collaborators had built the software to make it a reality. They called it [email protected]

On Tuesday, researchers at the Berkeley SETI Research Center announced they would stop distributing new data to [email protected] users at the end of March. It marks the culmination of an unprecedented 20-year experiment that engaged millions of people from almost every country on earth.

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