Do You believe the Earth is flat? 11 million Brazilians believe in the Flat Earth theory

According to Anderson Neves, the Earth is flat and does not rotate, the sun and the moon are close to the world, within a large dome that surrounds our flattened planet.

A malignant pseudo-science has corrupted the education system around the world,It calls the idea of a round Earth “humankind’s greatest lie, dictated by the global elite.”

“Just look at the horizon. Climb a mountain and take pictures. You can see the Earth isn’t curved,” says Neves, clutching a level to illustrate his point.

The Flat-Earthers are brimming with counter-factual questions: If the Earth is rotating at 1,700 kilometers (1,000 miles) per hour at the equator, why doesn’t the movement make everything fly off? If it’s a sphere, why can’t we see the curve from an airplane, reports

A recent survey out of Brazil suggests that around seven percent which is about 11 million residents in the country have become believers in the controversial concept.

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