Selfie of Curiosity Rover reveals Ancient Machinery on Mars

Again huge formations of UFOs appeared on the ISS live feed on February 27 and March 1, 2020.

Using the ISS live feed they recorded a new group of these huge formations of UFOs flying on the bright side of the Earth.

Besides these large groups of UFOs, the greenish/yellow anomalies/crafts also still keep coming and they all coming from the same direction.

We may wonder where they come from and what could be the purpose of their arrival, maybe it has something to do with the Coronavirus outbreak?

As Scott Waring wrote in his his latest article “NASA…Earth Has New Moon, I Say Its A Alien Probe Watching Humanity With Coronavirus”

“To record, watch and research how humanity copes and tries to deal with Coronavirus. Aliens may know than we do about its capabilities. They may be here not just to witness humanity fight the virus, but to see if we can avoid a possible ELE (extinction level event).”

See first video of the huge amount of UFOs captured on February 27, 2020 …

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