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I would like to send my condolences to all the families who have lost loved ones to COVID-19. I would also like to wish a speedy recovery for all those who are ill too! This blog is not intended to play down the seriousness of the virus, we all need to take care of each other.

So you’re wondering, what COVID-19 would have to do with UFO Disclosure, well let me explain.

At the time of this writing, there have been 197,802 cases of Coronavirus, 7,955 deaths, and 81,695 who have recovered. Unfortunately deaths increase every hour, but fortunately so do the recovered.

December 31, 2019, China reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province. On January 7, 2020, Chinese health authorities confirmed that this cluster was associated with a Corona virus.

On January 19, 2020, a 35-year-old man in Snohomish County, Washington, was diagnosed with the same symptoms that were seen in China, it turned out he had returned to Washington State on January 15 after traveling to visit family in Wuhan, China. Thus the Coronavirus was established in the US.

Friday, January 31st, President Trump denied entry to the United States, all foreign nationals who have traveled in China within the previous 14 days. Effective at 5:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, February 2, this started USA’s Coronavirus defense.

Actually after talking with some medical officials I know, we believe the Coronavirus has been in the US since December of 2019, and was treated as a flu.

The last Flu season in the US ranged between October 1st 2019 through Feb 1st, 2020 and the number of deaths were 12,000 people and some estimate that range could be as high as 30,000, but we won’t know until the official data has been finalized. The CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year. 2017 saw the highest number of flu deaths, a staggering 80,000 people died, the highest in 40 years.

Based just on the initial flu statistics of a five month period of 2019 and 2020, at least 12,000 deaths have occurred. Now take the number 5 months and divide it into 12,000 which show’s an estimate of 2,400 people died each month due to the flu or flu-like symptoms just last season, but that number will more than double if the statistics go to 30,000.

Since December 31st of 2019 up to now, March 17, 2020, there have been 7,955 worldwide deaths in less than four months or an average of 2,272 deaths per month. Oh did I tell you I was basing these last flu season deaths, 2,400 per month,  just on US statistics? Are you ready?

On an average, 646,000 people World-wide die each year over the Flu! That’s 53,833 people per month! (

I’m not saying COVID-19 may not be an actual Pandemic and we shouldn’t worry about it, I’m just putting data into perspective for you to see comparing it to a seasonal flu. We all need to still play it safe and protect each other especially our elderly, but let’s not get stupid over it and hoard food and toilet paper. Really toilet paper? COVID-19 doesn’t cause diarrhea.

So how does this pertain to UFO Disclosure?

Well unless you’ve just fallen off a turnip truck, you can clearly see and hear that the news media is the driving force behind scaring the “bejesus” out of people, and… some politicians have jumped in on that band wagon as well to benefit their own personal gains.

News outlets are based on ratings just like any other TV show and they will say and do whatever it takes to get you to watch their show or read their articles. They will bend the truth and even lie, just to get your attention. They are the number one organization who is creating a real pandemic of fear across the world pertaining to COVID-19.

Now back to UFO Disclosure.

I used to think UFO Disclosure was going to be people driven and not Government driven, which still may be the case, but what I’ve seen so far with COVID-19, it looks like it will definitely be media driven. This group of individuals holds the public’s “Cahoonas” by their hands, and will twist and pull to get you on their side. We’ve definitely seen this with the current US president and now with COVID-19.

Once information of ET is released by either the Government or “said individual like myself”, the media will then take the reins. Based on what is best for their ratings and that’s all, they will determine if Aliens will be a good thing or a very bad thing. The bottom line for their decision will be greed.

We’ve already seen the media turning this Pandemic into a global Armageddon, which has caused fear in the easily manipulated, which also brings out the worst in them including some physically fighting each other.

The disgrace and mishandling of the way the media is covering COVID-19 shows investigators like me, how certain types of personalities will react in a real UFO Disclosure scenario. I’ve always thought it could go kinda smoothly, but if we learn anything from this pandemic, it’s how certain personality traits will react.

Don’t think that’s not possible? Just look at the anti-Trumpsters. Media along with celebrities ignite these personality trait individuals into bullying and sometimes taking the law in their own hands. These same types of personality traits will follow media and celebrities in whatever direction they want them to go, either in a good or bad direction. These are the “Lemmings” of our society, easily led and easily manipulated.

I can clearly say now based on recent media coverage of political and viral events, “Most people will not be able to handle UFO Disclosure”, and this is a big problem. We now have to worry about the media and politics brainwashing those who are easily led which in turn will cause them to disrupt society. And while people panic in the streets, the news media will quietly be fueling the fires while appearing to be sympathetic.

But let’s say Disclosure does occur, how would it happen?

  1. By accident: Initiated by an alien presence. Hey we’re here, get used to it.
  2. By UFO Enthusiasts: Overwhelming evidence brought to the public’s attention forcing the government to acknowledge it.
  3. By the government: Too much evidence to ignore and sweep under the carpet.
  4. Government Control Conspiracy: Faked alien presence with scenarios to control the population.

The COVID-19 virus so far has shown us greed, manipulation by the media, and manipulation by political groups while blaming each other. Now countries are starting to point fingers saying, “We didn’t start the virus, you did!” and “You infected our citizens, we didn’t!”

Well if this is happening with a virus with fewer deaths than the common flu (so far), then we have a big problem when the time comes for UFO Discloser. Social Media may save us or may destroy us depending which way it decides to lean, but it’s anyone’s guess with the news organizations on which way they will lean.

Currently watching what’s going on now with this virus, the way people, politics, news media, government and countries are acting, there’s no chance in hell UFO Disclosure will happen. You can bet if there’s an organization within the government who was considering Disclosure, they clearly threw that idea out the door.

The Coronavirus is believed to have originated from a “wet market” where animals such as bats, snakes, rabbits, birds, dogs and cats are illegally sold. Put in an unhygienic environment, experts seem to think it was transferred from animals to humans.

Just think if there’s a Disclosure about Aliens visiting this planet. People will be panicking once again worrying about viral and bacterial transmission from aliens to humans while reminiscing about all the alien type shows they’ve seen which didn’t go well for the humans.

The way I see it now is, the only Disclosure that could happen successfully would be one that wouldn’t effect humans, like; “Hey we have evidence there’s intelligent life outside this planet, but it’s so far away, that it won’t hurt us.”

If we as a society let the media drive us into panic mode with a virus that’s killed less people so far than last season’s flu, then we definately won’t be able to handle UFO Disclosure. Oh sure investigators like me will still push to make it happen, but secretly we’ll be thinking, “There’s just not enough toilet paper in the world to handle it.”

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