Death Threat Made To UFO Abductee?

Death Threat Made To UFO Abductee?
Suzanne Hansen
Suzy Hansen

     UFO abductee and author Suzy Hansen has revealed that a woman tried to kill her by a poison spray at the 2018 UFO Congress because she talked about alien technology. And she claims another researcher died after being similarly sprayed by a woman.

Former schoolteacher and author Suzy from New Zealand, made the claims on

David Haith

By By David Haith
The UFO Chronicles

You Tube on the UFO Denmark podcast this week. She said the drama began two weeks before the Congress when she had “an intimidating” phone call which “outlined quite clearly what could happen to people like me and what kind of technology could be used on me.” The caller added that “they could get me from one of our UFOs or from a satellite.” She said some discussion took place in her family whether she should attend the Congress. Then two days later the bedroom of Suzy and her husband was lit up by a large oval UFO before it’s light was extinguished and it left.

In her UFO Denmark lecture she said: “You can imagine there was quite a bit of panic in our household as to whether this was ETs reassuring me I was going to be OK or whether this was one of those intimidatory kind of things. But I decided to go anyway.”

At the Congress she gave her speech after taking some experiencer sessions for three mornings. She said “During that time there were two guys who came to those sessions who sat behind me and were clearly military. They sort of intimidated me by sitting behind me and not wanting to join the group and inner circle.”

Then after the Congress banquet she left to go to her room and found the two guys in a corridor.
“They immediately got behind both of my shoulders” she said. “They kind of pushed me along the corridor asking me what else I knew about ET technology. They threatened me again and repeated some of the things that had been said in the phone call two weeks beforehand.”

The next day she was leaving and “was going down the corridor on my floor …when I saw a strange lady standing there dressed in hot weather in winter clothes” wearing sunglasses. She shared a lift [elevator] with the woman.

Said Suzy: “Just before the lift door was opened on the floor she was getting out, she obviously sprayed something – a kind of mist. I thought she was spraying perfume on her neck but it sprayed over her shoulder and it went all over my face and neck.” The woman got out of the lift and Suzy went down another level breathing in the “sickly sweet” mist she thought was cheap perfume. She started to feel unwell and 48 hours later when she got back to New Zealand she thought she had the flu but became “seriously ill and was rushed to hospital.”

She explained: “I had three particularly resistant and virulent strains of lung bacteria. I nearly died that night because I had skin, lung and blood infection. I had bacteria in all those places and it was centered on the part of my body that had been sprayed. So I believed that someone tried to take my life and I was threatened not to talk about alien technology. Maybe it’s because I’m revealing certain things about that technology and how it’s used. and they don’t want that publicized, I don’t know.”

In the video she claims there was another researcher who was sprayed a sweet smelling substance “who died in hospital in Phoenix during the conference so I was not the only one.”

Suzy’s lecture at the conference was called New Physics of Consciousness and Intelligent Light and she claimed she had flown craft which she attuned to her mind.

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