Mysterious Explosion On The Far Side Of The Sun Caused By Crashing UFO

On March 20th, something exploded on the farside of the sun. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) saw the debris flying over the sun’s eastern limb.

The blast site was hidden from view, so we don’t know what exploded. It probably wasn’t a sunspot. According to astronomers, more likely, a filament of magnetism became unstable and erupted, hurling bits of itself and surrounding plasma into space.


What about if this mysterious explosion on the farside of the sun has been caused by a celestial/ UFO object which has more devastating energy than anything we have ever seen so far and the bits of a filament of magnetism surrounded by plasma hurtling into space are in fact UFO spacecraft fragments from a huge alien ship shot down by a high energy discharge fired by this celestial/UFO object.

Many strange events are happening in space lately, think about the wave of huge alien ships and clusters of smaller UFOs, seen on the ISS live feed in February and first week of March. These UFO spacecraft are all fleeing away from the sun.

Further analysis of a number of the large alien ships seen on the ISS live feed shows that they have been destroyed or at least severely damaged surrounded by countless fragments and broken parts coming from these UFOs while the clusters of smaller UFOs could be escape pods.

About the COVID-19 pandemic, look at what the world is doing. I can not believe the whole world is crashing the global economy because of this virus.

The virus isn’t causing the worldwide economic shutdown. There have got to be better ways to fight this virus than just shutting down the global economy.

Something bigger than the virus is going on and it looks like they are testing and isolating anyone for an upcoming worldwide event or operation.

From this perspective, it seems as there is a space battle going on and we are in the firing line of this space war what appears to be coming our way.

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