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UFO Landing in em São Vicente Turns 25 10-1-1995
     The case of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sighting in São Vicente turns 25 in 2020. The incident happened on October 1, 1995 on Ilha do Major, a mangrove area close to the Piaçabuçu River, which borders Praia Grande.
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At the time, fishermen Fernando Bezerra and Wilson da Silva Oliveira, were already collecting their fishing nets, when on board their vessel they watched in fright the landing, a few meters away, from a brightly lit UFO, on Ilha do Major.

“When the light was over our heads, it changed direction and went to an islet, where it landed. On the underside of the device there were lights were spinning, ”reported Fernando Bezerra, in an interview with the History Channel’s Contact Extraterrestrial program. Wilson, terrified at the time, said: “I almost died of fear. I hid in the hold of the boat ”.

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