Mysterious bright UFO-like object suddenly appears on the surface of the Moon

A mysterious bright UFO-like object suddenly appeared on the surface of the Moon captured in a live telescope footage on March 29, 2020.

Strange ‘lights’ have been seen on the moon before and often, this phenomenon is associated with UFOs or extraterrestrial activities on the moon.

A possible explanation for these lights is the so-called ‘Transient Lunar Phenomenon’ which is a short-lived light, color, or change in appearance on the surface of the Moon.

Claims of short-lived lunar phenomena go back at least 1,000 years, with some having been observed independently by multiple witnesses or reputable scientists. Most lunar scientists will acknowledge that transient events such as outgassing and impact cratering do occur over geologic time: the controversy lies in the frequency of such events.

It has been suggested that effects related to either electrostatic charging or discharging might be able to account for some of the transient lunar phenomena.

It is possible that the strange light is such a ‘transent Lunar Phenomenon’, however we can not rule out that the object is of extraterrestrial origin.

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