Space is Big, Empty, and Very Very Lonely.

A 2-kilometer-wide asteroid named 1998 OR2 just flew past the Earth, driving home one of the most common popular and enduring space myths: that the solar system is a crowded place, packed with flying rocks that constantly menace the Earth. This past week, many scientists and science journalists (including myself) on Twitter were bombarded with […]

Do Peer Reviewers Prefer Significant Results?

I’ve long been writing about problems in how science is communicated and published. One of the most well-known concerns in this context is publication bias — the tendency for results that confirm a hypothesis to get published more easily than those that don’t. Publication bias has many contributing factors, but the peer review process is […]

AI Designs Computer Chips for More Powerful AI

One emerging trend in chip design is a move away from bigger, grander designs that double the number of transistors every 18 months, as Moore’s Law stipulates. Instead, there is growing interest in specialized chips for specific tasks such as AI and machine learning, which are advancing rapidly on scales measured in weeks and months. But […]

Can Your Community Handle a Natural Disaster and Coronavirus at the Same Time?

The tornadoes that swept across the Southeast this spring were a warning to communities nationwide: Disasters can happen at any time, and the coronavirus pandemic is making them more difficult to manage and potentially more dangerous. The next six months could be especially challenging. Forecasts show widespread flooding is likely again this spring from the northern Plains […]

Mysterious Pulsating Beams Of Light Coming From Venus

Several days ago something strange has happened in deep space. A sky-watcher has captured multiple pulsating beams with its infrared camera / telescope that seemingly came from the planet Venus. The sky-watcher refers to a gigantic object (second video – jump to the 8 minutes mark), that looks like it is as long as Oumuamua, […]

Official Navy UFO Videos Release: Former Pentagon Intelligence Officer Responds

“…former Pentagon intelligence officer Lue Elizondo told us very straightforwardly,  “The phenomenon is quite real.”      Millions of people all over the world have watched and re-watched three videos captured by Navy pilots during dramatic encounters with spectacular, but unknown, aircraft. Black Aces commander David Fravor, one of the U.S. Navy pilots who chased […]

Harry Reid: “The American People Deserve to be Informed” About UFOs

     Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tweeted Monday that Americans “deserve to be informed” about UFO information following the Pentagon’s official release of three Navy videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena.” By Ursula PeranoAxios4-27-20 Why it matters: Reid devoted funding in 2007 to a $22 million program to investigate unidentified flying objects. The Pentagon […]

STARlink – STARtrek – The Tholian Web

What’s worse than a train of Starlink satellites cutting across an astro-photo? Two trains of Starlink satellites cutting across an astro-photo. In the Czech republic on April 19th, amateur astronomer Zdenek Bardon captured perhaps the first picture of two orthogonal Starlink trains in a single image. Image left: Credit Zdenek Bardon showing the astonishing image […]