Unidentified Flying Object Follows Commercial Plane

While sitting on the terrace of his house, the witness was filming a plane with a very powerful zoom camera. When he saw the video on the computer he noticed a strange object that rises on the left of the visual field.

It seems to rotate and is quite dark in color. The investigations of C.UFO.M. (centro ufologico mediterraneo in Italy) on this sighting recorded in Rome on April 2015 have made it possible to establish that it is probably not a balloon, nor a satellite and not even an atmospheric probe.

C.UFO.M states: For example, the UFO gives off lights sometimes on the right and other times on the left. The sun comes from the left. It also has a focus similar to that of the plane so they are at an approximately equal distance from the witness.

Rather then a real UFO, it is quite possible that the witness has filmed a secret military craft equipped with the newest technologies similar to the infamous tic tac UFOs.

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