UFO piloted by two large headed alien beings landed in Valensole, France

Richard and Tracey Dolan discuss the incredible landing of a UFO in Valensole, France in 1965, witnessed by former French Resistance fighter Maurice Masse. An extraordinary case involving the sighting of two short, large headed alien beings.  Near the French village of Valensole, farmer Maurice Masse was smoking a cigarette just before starting work at […]

From the Crew Dragon to Mars: Cady Coleman on NASA’s Path Forward

At a time of social unrest and a still-unfolding global pandemic, NASA has delivered a welcome bit of purely positive news. Yesterday’s launch of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule went off flawlessly, lofting astronauts Douglas Hurley and Robert Behnke to the International Space Station. For the first time since 2011, the United States is launching humans […]

Did Freud “Borrow” His Ideas on Sexuality?

Sigmund Freud’s 1905 book Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality (Drei Abhandlungen zur Sexualtheorie) was one of his major contributions to the emerging field of psychoanalysis. In this short book, Freud famously argued that sexuality was something that even children possessed, although not necessarily in the everyday sense of the term. Adult genital-based sexuality, […]

UFOs and Nukes – One Man’s Investigation

     In 2007, then Senate majority leader Harry Reid and two of his most trusted Senate colleagues conferred in a highly secure room about the perplexing mystery of UFOs. The three senators agreed to authorize black budget funds for a study by the By George KnappMystery Wire5-29-20 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) into UFO incidents […]

Amazing New Archaeological Discovery In Australian Cave

Recent survey in the Gulf of Carpentaria region of northern Australia has identified a unique assemblage of 17 miniature and small-scale stenciled motifs depicting anthropomorphs, material culture, macropod tracks and linear designs.  The unusual sizes and shapes of these motifs raise questions about the types of material used for the stencil templates.  What stands out […]

The Long, Painful History of Police Brutality in the U.S.

Editor’s Note, May 29, 2020: In 2017,  Smithsonian covered the history of police brutality upon the protests over the verdict in the Philando Castile murder case. With the Twin Cities once again under the national spotlight after the killing of George Floyd, we revisit the subject matter below.  Last month, hours after a jury acquitted former police […]

Are Ultraviolet Sanitizing Lights Safe for Humans?

A desperate need for sanitizers has driven people to look for options beyond the spray nozzle. For a couple of bakeries in New York, that means installing experimental lighting in their entryways that is supposed to disinfect pathogens without harming humans. According to reporting by the New York Post, Magnolia Bakery plans to install lightbulbs […]

How the Next Generation of Quantum Hacks Will Threaten the Future Internet

The quantum internet is one of the most eagerly anticipated technologies of the 21st century. It promises perfectly secure communication, guaranteed by the laws of physics. And it should help to bootstrap a number of quantum technologies that are on the verge mainstream application: quantum computing, quantum metrology and quantum imaging, to name just a […]

Why Artificial Brains Need Sleep

(Inside Science) — Artificial brains may need deep sleep in order to keep stable, a new study finds, much as real brains do. In the artificial neural networks now used for everything from identifying pedestrians crossing streets to diagnosing cancers, components dubbed neurons are supplied data and cooperate to solve a problem, such as recognizing […]