(Aztec) UFO Cover-Up Blamed On CIA

UFO Cover-Up Now Blamed On CIA - The Victoria Advocate 2-12-1975
     As if they didn’t have enough trouble already, the folks at the CIA now have to deny stories that the agency has suppressed information about creatures from outer space and, in one instance, allegedly held captive until death a crew member from an unidentified flying object.
By The Victoria Advocate

The man making the charges about what he calls the CIA’s “Saucergate” scandal, is Robert S. Carr, a former lecturer in mass communications at the University of South Florida. Carr says he also once worked for Walt Disney on what he says were “highly classified secret government projects” involving nonverbal communication.

Incident One: On Feb. 13, 1948, 12 miles west of Aztec, N.M., a 30-foot flying saucer made a crash landing killing all 12 “little men” aboard. The bodies were whisked away to Dayton, Ohio, to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base where they remain today in a medical lab in cryonic suspension. The whole thing has been covered up by the CIA.

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