Is Obscure Government Bureau Hiding Proof of UFOs in Space?

Despite UFOs appearing on NASA live feeds, and astronauts saying they’ve seen them, NASA maintains they do not exist in space, and claim the Apollo sightings were just confusion.

Other than a report on lights on the surface of the Moon (Project Moon Blink), the agency has never declassified anything on anomalous objects in space. That comes despite a US Air Force report admitting “fastwalkers” exist in space, and NORAD spending time analyzing them.

We found an obscure federal bureau, the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (OES), that acts as a liaison between NASA and the State Department. 

Hints of UFO documentation are available for OES – they’re working on a return to the Moon by mid 2020’s, a “space object registry,” and in the past, were sent UFO sightings from American embassies, communications from Erich von Daniken, and appeared in Wikileaks files detailing mysterious “arrangements to welcome ET life forms to the US.”

We’ve put together what seems to be the first real analysis of OES’s connection to the UFO phenomenon – journalists need to focus FOIA requests here to determine if there are any reports of space-based sightings available.

0:00 Intro 1:58 What is “OES” and why is it obscure? 

2:52 UFO encounters in Bolivia, Morocco and Kuwait 

4:30 OES a repository for UFO information inside State Dept.? 

5:52 Is there a cover-up? 

7:11 Conclusion

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