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West Gate at Area 51

There’s been a story circulating in the UFO arena for a couple of decades now, about a Grey Alien escaping from Area 51. In 2011 the comedy movie “Paul” was about that incident.

Picture I took in 1995 from Tikaboo Peak right after Freedom Ridge was land-grabbed by Nellis. Yes, that’s a military person who was sent to monitor me standing next to my guide, and yep, we’re watching something fly over. 🙂

I had heard this story well before I moved to Colorado over 22 years ago about a Grey Alien escaping from Area 51,

I had heard about a small group of individuals from scientists to engineers to security, who devised a plan to help the Alien escape. Story goes, the Alien was slowly dying and was going to go through an autopsy while still alive for medical research.

Now granted this is just a story, but if you follow the Roswell Incident of 1947, then you’ll have heard that, an Alien had been found alive at the impact site. Named, “EBE” for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, the Alien was taken to a secret location and the crash debris was taken to “Wright Field” in Dayton, Ohio. Eventually the Alien and the debris, was taken to Area 51 in Nevada after it was built in the early 1950’s.

After three or so decades at Area 51, the decision was made to help the Alien escape before it met its final demise.

The story talks about a vehicle with a couple of occupants getting through one of Area 51’s security gates with the Alien hidden inside. Traveling down Extraterrestrial Highway 375, a vehicle swap took place at the intersection of Highway 375 and Interstate 6.


The vehicle switch took place at the Warm Springs Bar parking lot, which is located close to the intersection. Hidden between other vehicles at the bar, the switch took place.

Warm Springs Bar and Café.

And after talking with some local residents in Tonopah, they said some how a polaroid picture was taken of the Alien and was later placed behind the bar for all to see for years to come. For obvious reasons no one knows what became of that picture, if there really was a picture.

After the vehicle exchange, the new vehicle with the Alien inside, headed north on Highway 6 into the desert.

But then, “All hell broke loose!”

Picture courtesy Google Maps.

A few miles past the intersection the vehicle containing the Alien was overtaken by a couple of Area 51 security vehicles. A gun battle erupted, which transpired into a vehicle crash, and the Alien was able to escape on foot.

The story from local residents say, the Alien was able to make its way through the desert to a location where a rancher came across it. Some say the rancher shot the alien, others say, the rancher just saw the Alien and contacted the military.

A government informant who helped us in the Alien Highway Tonopah episode, was able to give us the GPS coordinates where the military camped, while searching for the Alien. The informant found that information in an old secured file

Dan Zukowski looking for Military evidence at the location our informant gave us.

While searching the GPS coordinates our informant gave us, we did find evidence of a military bivouac or camp. There was enough evidence there to prove without any doubt the military was there years ago.

Now could that location just have been a military training campsite years ago? Sure… I can’t guarantee it was the location where the Alien was found, and I can’t even guarantee the whole Alien escaping Area 51 story was true, but I can guarantee we found military evidence right where our informant told us it would be.

I can also guarantee even years after the incident story, some residents in Tonopah Nevada, have seen and heard strange things and still do!

Did the Alien actually escape and is hiding in one of the hundreds of mine shaft openings in the area, or is it hiding out at the nearby vacant run-down military airport where Daniel and I caught something on our FLIR?

Or is it something else? Another Alien or a mutation resulting from all the above ground nuclear tests nearby. One thing I can tell you is…

There is something out there!

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