Army whistleblower revelations, Huge structures under the earth – Linda Molton Howe

Linda Molton Howe discusses several actual topics including a revealing interview with retired U.S. Army Whistleblower.


AAAS Science Journal article on Ultra Low Velocity Zone frequencies

 – Huge structures at core-mantle boundary – Huge structure 621 mile in diameter

 – Huge structures under Africa 

 – “These are among the largest things inside the earth, and we have no idea” 

 Searching the skies – scientists say the most likely number of alien civilizations is 36

– The Drake Equation calculates the estimate for the number of intelligent life civilizations 

 – New equation estimate between 4 and 211 civilization in the Milky Way alone. 

 Retired U.S. Army Whistleblowers Edward Keith Abbott interview

 – “Other Worldly Communications” centre – Space program in 2007 

 – “We went to Iraq to plunder artifacts”…”from other civilizations that came to earth and started the whole program”.

 – “We are the fourth civilization on this earth.” 

 – Spotted v-shaped craft over his house in Ewa, Hawaii.

 – Craft chased by Blackhawk helicopters and it dove into the water.

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