The Real SETI Signal: Not a Message, but a Molecule

Life on Venus? That outrageous-sounding possibility understandably made headlines a couple weeks ago. In part, the news grabbed people’s attention because Venus seems like such an unlikely place to find anything alive. The surface temperature there averages 460 degrees C, and the pressure at sea level is a crushing 93 times the atmospheric pressure on […]

Why Did Our Mammal Ancestors Stop Laying Eggs?

None of us hatched. All of us were born live, and we might seem to think of this as the default for mammals. But that’s not so. Some mammals still lay eggs, just as our ancestors did for millions upon millions of years. The question is when our forebears made the switch.  A handful of […]

“THE PHENOMENON is a Call to Action” – A REVIEW

Childhood’s end: ‘The Phenomenon’      Twenty-four minutes into the long-awaited documentary “The Phenomenon,” director James Fox foreshadows its final act with a look back at what happened outside Australia’s Westall School in 1966. That’s when several hundred students came swarming out of their classrooms upon hearing about a disc-shaped UFO stunting in broad daylight […]

UFO Trails Car for 100 Kilometers – CHILE

     The pursuit took place in the Punta Arenas (Chile) region and was reportedly captured in several photographs. According to the UFO Noise Patagonia organization, a Honda driven by an adult male (whose identity was kept confidential) By PLANETA UFO(Argentina)Inexplicata9-27-20 was pursued by a UFO on the morning of June 27th of this year […]

422. Chris Cogswell

Guest Christopher Cogswell, Ph.D. as the Chair of the Science Advisory Board of SkyHub, discusses SkyHub’s worldwide search for UFOs using a global network of machine learning, smart cameras, and sensor arrays built by you with their open-source software for the largest observational science project in history. Chris encourages everyone to get involved and has […]

Weird Light Emerges From Cloud Formation

This anomaly is located in an inhospitable area at Antarctica and I’m wonder whether it is something that has formed naturally over the years or man-made, since it looks like a base or storage facility, but is it? The anomaly is 105×40 meters and 10 meters high. In addition, there is another strange brownish object […]

ProVen Reviews – Trustworthy NutraVesta ProVen Pill Formula

Independent review by Andrew Price of Marketing by Kevin ProVen is a natural supplement by NutraVesta that helps consumers to purge the toxins that can cause weight gain and prevent weight loss. The remedy is available in a 60-capsule bottle, and users can take it daily with any current diet or exercise regimen. Made available […]

Pilots See ‘Impossible’ Object when approaching airport of Bariloche, Argentina

July 31st, 1995. A Boeing 727 carrying 102 passengers is on final approach to the airport of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. According to the radio transcripts, flight crew and personnel on the ground witnessed a rapid-moving, luminous…something. In the pilot’s words, “the object has bright flashing lights…this…is…we think it’s a flying saucer.” How many […]

Salty Lakes Found Beneath Mars’ Surface

Two years ago, planetary scientists were abuzz with the potential discovery of a subsurface lake on Mars — buried deep beneath layers of ice and dust at the planet’s south pole. Now, new research adds more weight to that possibility, suggesting there is not just one but several briney lakes. These aquifers would represent the […]

The “Synergistic Core” of the Human Brain?

A new preprint makes a bold claim: that “synergistic interactions are the fundamental drivers of complex human cognition.” What does this mean, and what are the implications for neuroscience? Authors Andrea Luppi et al. of the University of Cambridge study a new aspect of brain organization: synergy between brain regions. Some networks of the brain […]

Police Play UFO Tag Through Two Counties

     Personnel from six Northern Illinois law enforcement agencies reported seeing a round, amber-colored light in the sky over DeKalb and Ogle counties Saturday between 4:20 and 5:10 am. By Rockford Register11-4-1973 First to spot the object, described as oval-shaped and amber or orange in color, were two Northern Illinois University security police officers, […]