Police Play UFO Tag Through Two Counties

Police Play UFO Tag Through Two Counties (Heading) - Rockford Register 11-4-1973

     Personnel from six Northern Illinois law enforcement agencies reported seeing a round, amber-colored light in the sky over DeKalb and Ogle counties Saturday between 4:20 and 5:10 am.
By Rockford Register

First to spot the object, described as oval-shaped and amber or orange in color, were two Northern Illinois University security police officers, John O’Donnel and John Hunter, at 4:20 am.

Hunter saw the object in the western sky, about 60 degrees above the horizon, and called O’Donnel out ot see it. O’Donnel said they watched the object for 15 minutes, then reported it to other law enforcement agencies.

The same object, or one like it, was spotted by DeKalb County Sheriff units near the Ogle-DeKalb county line at 4:45 am. It then was observed by Ogle County Deputy Sherif Jess Suter, who followed the object along Illinois 64 from Esmond Corners to the outskirts of Oregon.

Suter said the object appeared to be moving away from him at the same speed it had been traveling.

Then he said the object appeared to stop, hover and suddenly shrink rapidly in size….

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