Light Being caught on security camera on night vision mode?

In the morning of October 1st 2020, we got 3 notifications on our cellphone for motion detected in my friend’s condo in Saint-Lambert, Quebec, Canada. 

But No one was in the house at that time, all the windows were closed, door was locked and the blinds were shut down and there was no sign of birds, insects or sheet of paper. 

First event: 5:59am- camera detected a flying object in the left side moving upward and making a 180 degree turn and descend to passed in front of the camera. 

Second event: 6:10am- camera detected an object on the far left, outside the camera angle but we can see the room being lighted by the object. 

Third event: 6:41am- camera detected the same flying object going downward. 

The video shows the first and third event. 

Although it is said there was no sign of birds or insects, we may wonder whether the light being could have been a bat or a large insect.

  [embedded content]

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