Fast moving Orbs near ABE airport Pennsylvania caught on camera

Witness noticed a series of fast moving orbs in the sky over Bangor, Pennsylvania on which he started to record the strange phenomenon. 

Witness states: My Dad first noticed none blinking reddish lights fly by his window and came down to ask me if I saw something fly by. 

I said no but call me if you see it again. So within about 2 minutes he called me and I ran outside to see. I immediately ran in to tell everyone to hurry up and come look. Then I started to record them. 

They came in groups of 2 and 3 and I believe they were big in size, fast moving and very bright. 

I live by ABE airport and see planes and just about everything before. I know what lighted blimps, Chinese lanterns, tracer rounds, A-10s, shooting stars and planets all look like but something like these orbs I’ve never seen. 

They flew in a direction that I don’t see planes flying and a group of them flew by a commercial airplane that was dropping altitude to land. So whoever was flying or on that plane had to see them too. Mufon case 111692.

Although the orb phenomenon often is associated with paranormal activity in the way that some orbs could be connected to spirit beings and the afterlife, it is more likely that the fast moving orbs over Bangor, Pennsylvania are UFOs either man-made or of alien origin.

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