Pilot films bright object which stays stationary at 10,000 feet

More and more people are seeing strange lights in the sky around the world. These objects remain in the sky for a while before disappearing. Now a pilot noticed such a bright light in the sky over Iowa. 

Flying my personal airplane across the country, 10-8-2020 , Thursday was day three and final day of the trip. I took off at 0400 hours. I was over Iowa. 

After approximately 30 minutes into the flight I noticed a stationary light in the sky. To low to be a star, no blinking lights. It remained a constant distance from my aircraft to my front and high. 

As dawn arrived and the sun broke from the horizon the light seemed to get lower in the sky. I was at 5,500 feet, it may have been at 10,000 feet and to my front by several miles away. As the sun rose the light was gone in an instant. Mufon case 111802

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