Weird Orbs flying right overhead car in New York

On two separate occasions 3 Orbs from which 2 of them flew right overhead a car as well as a weird cluster of Orbs or maybe it was one big UFO were captured in the sky over New York. 

The first event occurred on October 14, 2020 when a cluster of orbs or maybe it was a 1 giant UFO appeared in the sky over Syracuse, New York. The lights all stayed together hovering in 1 spot in the sky. 

The second event occurred on October 17, 2020 when 1 big Orb and a smaller white Orb and black Orb appeared in the sky over Utica, New York. Then suddenly the smaller black orb and the big Orb flew right overhead the car to leave the photographer horrified. Mufon cases:11851 – 1183. 

Perhaps the series of orbs over Syracuse was just a drone with led lights, although I’m not sure, however the orbs over Utica is inexplicable.

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