Strange colorful and flashing UAP hovering over San Ramon, California

A colorful and flashing Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon has been captured while hovering over San Ramon in California. 

Witness: On September 20, 2020, first noticed it around 8;30pm and it looked like a large colorful flashing star-like light from the distance. We (family and a few neighbors) thought it could be a plane but it didn’t appear to be moving. 

A 42x zoom with a camera revealed it was a Saturn-like rotating object flashing many colors. The body and small dots (in a ring-shape) rotating around it were consistently changing colors. 

The colors were flashing in a pattern that kept on changing. For example one of the sequential patterns it kept flashing was green, red, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, and white (many times in a row) and another pattern that it flashed was black and white. 

It never emitted any noise, nor did it make any sudden movements. Over the 2 hour span, we watched the light, we soon realized it was slowly moving away and lowering to the horizon and we soon lost it behind the trees and never saw it again. Mufon case 111870.

Since the UAP was moving in the sky at approximately 500 feet and filmed with a 42x zoom, the object may be out of focus.

 [embedded content]

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