Alleged UFO hovers in the night sky over Area 51

Witness states: On Oct 15 2020 I was observing Area 51 at 7:15 pm on a Thursday night. The weather was clear, moonless and steady breeze. I than went from long time exposures to video and recorded this UFO in complete darkness. 

From Black Mail box looking straight ahead om a SW direction, I recorded this UFO, although I am unsure what this is, it could be as simple as a drone hovering over Area 51, but the weird thing is that it sometimes appears it’s two objects. 

I drive 240 miles round trip every other week to catch a glimpse of what’s going on out there and I recorded many craft flying over Area 51, with my Canon T6. I use long time exposures (13 seconds) (95/300mm) and occasionally video since this camera has a 300 mm zoom. 

I also witnessed two white explosions behind the Area 51 mountain range, no sound was heard. The exercises stopped or paused at Area 51.. and it was impossible to get a good steady shot in complete darkness 14 miles away. It seemed like Area 51 closed down when the high winds came in. Mufon report 111909.

  [embedded content]

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