Morphing Orbs hovering above Joshua Tree National Park, California

Witness: We were camping in Joshua Tree at Belle Campground, California on 10-20-2020. Around 7:20 pm when we observed bright lights in the sky. They looked like bright gold slightly orange lights. 

Started as 3 lights, turned into 4. Others appeared. disappeared, came back, multiplied into 3 or 4, lights separating and moving in relation to each other, in triangular patterns at times. Sometimes one morphing into 3 or 4 in a matter of seconds, at times 2 sets of 4. This happened 3 separate times from 7:20-10 pm. 

Then we heard plane or helicopter sounds, and upon looking thru binoculars we saw plumes of something above the lights. They looked larger and possibly different in shape, too. Other campers saw the lights. The people in the adjacent campsite commented that they had never seen anything like it. Mufon reports here and here


Dr. Greer had been doing CE5 in Joshua Tree, for several nights previous to our arrival on 10-20-2020 while actress Roma Downey was in Joshua Tree and saw the lights too and posted a video of the lights on her twitter.

  [embedded content]

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