People amazed by saucer-shaped craft floating above Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Recent UFO sightings have been reported in Belgium, Poland, California: Fast moving ball of light, weird bird like a winged reptile, spinning Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon in a fixed position. 

2020-10-23 Asse Belgium  Fast moving ball of light. Original footage: 
2020-09-03 Jastarnia Poland  Weird bird like a winged reptile. Witness: At first, I thought it was a kite, but after a short while, I realized it is something else, it looks like a large bird like a winged reptile named pterosaur. Mufon report: 
2020-10-29 Herald California  Spinning Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon in a fixed position. A second smaller flickering object off to the left. Mufon report:

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