October Animal Mutilation Spree?

Photo courtesy Tom/Sally Miller

11/02/20 Trinidad, Colorado:
Sally Miller contacted me about a possible mutilation case on her and Tom’s ranch.

Hi Chuck, Trust all is well. While it took Tom a couple of weeks to walk every inch of this ranch to find our missing cow, the markings are the same as previous mutes. Coyotes essentially got to the rest of her.

Photo Tom/Sally Miller

The mutilation took place in the pasture to the north of their ranch house where some previous cattle mutilations have taken place. The Miller ranch is not new to the animal mutilation phenomena, with more than a dozen mutilations on their ranch in previous years. Not only have mutilations taken place on this ranch, but strange Balls of Lights have also been seen there too! These lights have been seen and experienced by the rancher and visitors as well.

Photo courtesy Tom/Sally Miller

This photo of an object was taken while hovering over the field east of the house about the same time their cow went missing. The light was there just a second or two before it just shot off.

Mutilation Info:
Mute occurred estimated around October 19th/20th.
Female Red Angus
4 years old
1200 pounds
Value  $1200 to $1500
Incision around jaw
Incision in rib cage area
Note: Coyotes had got to the animal before Tom located it, but because of Tom’s previous mutilation cases, he knows the difference between the unknown precise incisions he saw, compared to the ripping of flesh from the coyotes.

Regardless of what some investigators say, birds, coyotes, and bears will eat on a mutilated carcass. In some cases, there may be a time frame after the mutilation took place before scavengers get to the carcass.

This was not the only animal mutilation case which occurred in October!

KSWO ABC News reported a mutilation case in Lawton, Oklahoma.
(Excerpt from KSWO web page, article link posted at end of blog.)

A Lawton man says two of his calves were mutilated over the weekend and now he’s offering a reward for information on the crime. This is a sight Cattle Owner Cody Zimmerman never expected to see. “Yesterday, we were out here checking cattle and found the two calves here. Both of them had their tongues cut out, genitals removed, anus cut out,” Zimmerman said. Zimmerman said the hearts of the newly born calves had also been removed. The gruesome scene was unlike anything he has ever seen in his eight years of raising cattle in northern Comanche County.
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Cody Zimmerman had left his phone number in the article looking for help, but refused to return any of my phone calls. My guess is either he had a rash of phone calls and is now annoyed by them, or he was paid by a certain researcher to keep quiet.

I won’t mention this researcher’s name, but I’ve caught her numerous times in the past trying to pay my mutilation ranchers to keep quiet and only speak with her. She has a website in which viewers have to pay to read her articles which she has turned into a business. When I went to her website, there it was, an article about Cody. Oh well…

Cody Zimmerman’s mutilations occurred on October 11th, in Northern Comanche County, in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Miller’s mutilation occurred, estimated, October 19th, in Trinidad, Colorado.

And now a third possible case on October 18th, Edwards County, Illinois.

Photo courtesy Chris Evens

This is my screen shot from Chris Evens’s YouTube video posted on October, 20th, 2020. I was able to track down Chris and briefly speak to him.
(Chris Evens YouTube video is posted at the end of this blog.)

The game camera footage was taken at his parent’s ranch in Illinois, and he and his family have never seen anything like this before. A live animal walking around with such a severe wound, and obviously close to death.

After speaking with Chris, I asked, “Has he or his family ever seen anything unusual like, Balls of Light or lights in the sky on their property similar to what the Miller ranch sees?” Chris responded with a no. He nor his family have never seen any type of UFO-like sightings in their area.

This is truly an unusual video clip but reminds me of the multiple cases I’ve investigated and researched involving strange wild animal deaths that can’t be explained.

Years ago, I personally experienced a possible wild animal mutilation event taking place off in the distance while investigating a Bigfoot sighting in Colorado. This experience is mentioned in (The 37th Parallel) book’s first chapter.

So what about these three cases which occurred within a week of each other in October? Are all three related? Two calves mutilated in Oklahoma, one cow in Colorado and a surviving mutilated deer in Illinois?

My personal experience in mutilation investigations has taught me mutilations happen multiple times in one event, but not necessarily in one location. I had a mutilation case here in Colorado and within three days, another occurred in Missouri. Those two took place on the 37th Parallel, but these didn’t, although all three happened in a west to east direction also part of my 37th Parallel theory.

I’d like to thank Sally Miller for keeping me informed about mute cases on their ranch, and I’d like to thank Chris Evens for taking the time to speak with me about his deer video. As for Cody Zimmerman who refused to speak with me, all I can say is, “This probably won’t be your only case”.

Who’s ever doing this likes to hit the same ranches multiple times over the years, but what about the wild animals? We really don’t know how many wild animals get mutilated, but sometimes we get lucky and a game camera captures it, or a hunter or hiker reports a strange death. Let’s say for a minute, that Aliens are doing this. Do they really understand possession? What’s owned by ranchers compared to animals in the wild? Or do they just see animals and do what they want to them?

Here’s an interesting theory:
Aliens may understand possession or ownership, but don’t understand the whole livestock scenario. Maybe that’s why when animals are mutilated, the carcass is always left behind, because the animal as a whole is not theirs to keep? Sorta like stealing a car, taking the engine out because that’s what is needed, but bringing the car back to the owner because the car is registered to them. The car is now useless, sorta like a dead livestock animal. It seems who’s ever doing the mutilations are taking extra time to leave the carcass. Or… are they just littering? hmm

Either way, one thing for sure is, This is an on-going occurrence and there will be many more to come, possibly even this year.

Chris Evens Video:

[embedded content]

Chris Even video, copyright.

KSWO ABC News Link on Cody Zimmerman’s mutilation case.

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