UFO Hovers Over Holloman Air Force Base | UFO CHRONICLE – 1957

UFO Hovers Over Holloman Air Force Base

     On June 4 at approximately 12:30 am, a pale, blue-green globe-shaped light approached Holloman Air Force Base from the direction of Sierra Blanca (referred to as “Old Baldy
By APRO Bulletin
July 1957

Mountain”) in the northwest. The speed of the object was not great, and the outstanding feature of this incident is what the object did when it reached the air base.

During a period of between 10 and 15 minutes astonished civilian and military observers watched the weird object swing to and fro like a pendulum. There was no discernible shape except the light, which was either large at high altitude or small at low altitude.

The light, as though bent on a specific mission, swung in even arcs over the base, then headed for White Sands Proving Ground, to the Southwest, and over that area, again began the pendulum-like swing. It was observed by military and civilian personnel at the Proving grounds also….


UAO Hovers Over Holloman AFB - APRO Bulletin (July, 1957)

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