EMF (Electro-magnetic-field) Measured in Paranormal Investigations.

EMF (Electro-magnetic-field)
Electric and magnetic fields are invisible areas of energy and are sometimes also referred as radiation. Generally associated with electrical power consumption and various forms of natural and man-made lighting, EMF can be harmful.

There are two types of EMF, Non-ionizing and Ionizing.

Non-ionizing: Low levels of radiation which is generally not harmful to humans. Types of non-ionizing radiation are: Microwave ovens, computers, fuse boxes, WIFI, cell phones, bluetooth devices, and power lines.

Ionizing: High levels of radiation which has the potential for cellular and DNA damage. Types of ionizing radiation are: Sunlight, X-Rays, Gamma Rays.

Studies show higher levels of the non-ionizing electro-magnetic fields will effect humans. Higher fields will effect concentration, headaches, fatigue low energy, sleep disturbance, hallucinations and some studies, tumors.

Using an EMF meter on a mutilated animal and picking up unusually higher than normal readings.

UFO Field Investigators have been using EMF meters on investigations for decades looking for residual UFO energy after a sighting. Suspected landing sights, alien sightings, alien-human interactions and even animal mutilations have shown higher than normal EMF levels.

Ghost investigators have been using EMF meters in their investigations to locate spirit activity. Spirits are made up of a form of low level radiation which can be detected.

My belief about life after death is; The essence or soul of the individual is a combination of energy. Our bodies are full of electrical pulses that run through our nervous system. We are walking capacitors that contain active and stored energy. Once we pass, our “intelligent” energy passes over to an other dimension and that energy has free will to move back and forth from their dimension to ours. Sometimes energy signatures of ghost sightings are nothing more than an energy of that individual caught in an energy loop. We call it residual sightings. An apparition may be seen doing the same thing over and over again and never conscious of its surroundings.

One thing I want to make clear to everyone and especially those idiots on TV that falsely react when they are touched by a ghost is; If you are doing a ghost investigation and feel a slight burning sensation on your skin and see finger or hand prints on it, It’s not necessarily a bad spirit trying to cause you harm!

Ok EMF 101 for those investigators who are too stupid or too lazy to understand the tools they’re using during an investigation.

Spirits are made of electromagnetic energy, we are made of electromagnetic energy, so if grandma or a mom or dad or a child spirit decides to try and communicate with the investigator by touching them, THEY WILL LEAVE AN ENERGY SIGNATURE ON YOUR SKIN! You are not being attacked, you baby! It’s no different than a person shuffling across the carpet wearing socks and collecting an electrical charge in their bodies, (ie: capacitor) When that person touches another person or a metallic object that’s grounded, then they will discharge. If they discharge while touching another person, then it will leave a mark on that other person’s skin. One person is electrically more positive than the other, so touching the skin will cause a spark. (ie. Static discharge)

Some spirits may be more electrically charged than the investigator, thus electromagnetic discharge occurs when the two touch. Maybe the electromagnetic energy increases as the spirit moves from one location to the next or tries to communicate? Ether way, if an investigator experiences scratch like marks or hand print marks on their skin, it could be just someone trying to touch them. Maybe trying to connect with the living? There’s no need for the investigator to panic, they need to assess the situation first.

Now granted an evil person in real life may still be evil in the after life and may want to harm the investigator, so you need to know the history of the investigation. Like an insane asylum compared to a hospital, school or just a residence. Why is there activity?

Also, spirits have free will and no investigator can force them to ‘cross over” or leave a resident, no matter how much money a production company is paying them!

So, high levels of EMF will also effect the mental capabilities of some individuals who claim to have experiences. Maybe there isn’t a phenomenon going on, but just a person affected by high levels of non-ionizing EMF.

An experienced ghost investigator will sweep their investigative location first with an EMF meter and Geiger counter, to search for any natural types of radiation before starting an investigation. Any hot spot found in a house like WIFI units, electrical fuse boxes, bad wiring, electronics that consume a lot of energy, will be flagged.

Outside areas where I’ve investigated that have shown levels of higher than normal radiation are generally due to underground wiring and water sources. One particular case I found low levels of uranium in the soil. Either way, any spot that shows higher than normal levels of EMF must be noted for the investigation.

Now before a ghost investigation starts, the WIFI system needs to be turned off, because the signal will sweep throughout the structure. The WIFI signal is not consistent and could pulse giving false readings during the investigation in different locations. Your cell phone also gives off low levels of radiation through its receiver and transmitter components while connecting with cell phone towers, which makes you a walking spirit. And even if you place your cell phone on airplane mode, it still communicates with cell towers via GPS. Since it’s communicating it’s still a hot spot, so the best thing to do is leave all cell phones in one location and avoid investigating there, this way you don’t have to turn them off, nor put them in airplane mode.

I’ve been involved in microchip design for over 30 years and have learned a lot about EMF and also RAD Hard devices that need to be shielded from radiation. EMF shielding is designed within a chip so as not to interfere with other components or have other components affect them. This scenario is also true while running investigations.

You want to locate any type of apparatus or structure that gives off higher than normal levels of EMF so as not to interfere with your investigation. Then you can either turn them off, or simply mark that area as non-investigative zones. But there is also an issue you need to consider, high energy sources can attract spirits, so you need to be creative. Mark the levels of EMF from those areas, and if the levels rise significantly not subtle, then there could be activity in that area.

A few of my ghost investigations I used an artificial electro-magnetic field generator I created so I can attract spirits. I didn’t have much luck with ghosts, but definitely had better luck with UFOs. (More about that in another blog.)

EMF Experient

Remember EMF can be your friend while running an investigation, but can also be your enemy. High levels can definitely affect you and your team so be aware. Oh one other thing, when watching ghost investigating shows and one of the investigators starts feeling sick or nauseated, it’s a good chance it’s due to EMF. If the EMF is from a spirit, then an EMF meter will be able to validate that, but if the investigator just happens to walk into a room and gets high EMF readings, then they should pause and monitor the EMF meter. If the readings stay consistent, then it’s probably man made EMF waves, but if the the meter drops, then it could be something else.

Either way, a good EMF meter will tell you if something you don’t see is there, man-made electro-magnetic waves or something else…

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