UFOs Most Important Problem Facing the United Nations, Believes U.N Secretary General | UFO CHRONICLE – 1967

Thant Views UFOs As Problem For UN - Post Standard (Syracuse, NY) 6-27-1967

     In the very middle of the Near East crisis U.N Secretary General Thant took time to do a very significant thing. He arranged to have one of the top advocates of the theory that Flying Saucers – UFOs – are from another planet, speak before
By Drew Pearson
Post Standard

the Outer Space Affairs Committee of the United Nations.

The Middle East war broke on June 5. On June 7 Dr. James E. McDonald of the University of Arizona, a firm believer in UFOs, spoke before the U.N. Outer Space Committee. Dr. McDonald believes that UFOs are extraterrestrial spaceships on reconnaissance missions to explore earth. He has also addressed the American Society of Newspaper Editors and the Washington Meteorology Society on this subject.

Interesting fact is that U Thant has confided to friends that he considers UFOs the most important problem facing the United Nations next to the war in Vietnam….

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