Strange Objects Flying Through Our Sky

Strange objects flying through our sky and possible UFO fleet caught on ISS cam. 

Case 1: December 8, 2020 

Glowing anomaly changes from rectangular to circular shape over Three Folks, Montana 

This object was not in a hurry as I observed it for well over 30 min. watching the entire time for possible wings, blades, sound, speed, direction, color change The object was stationary for a long period of time, than moved extremely slowly SE and upwards until out of sight with altitude. mufon 

Case 2: December 11, 2020 

Square-like UFO hovering over Washington DC 

The witness was sitting in tree stand facing southeast deer hunting. At 5:38 pm cst he noticed a light overhead traveling east then the light changed direction to southeast. The light continued moving southeast for about 36 seconds before going out. mufon 

Case 3: December 12, 2020 

Flying sphere recorded on old tv show called Martial Law 

It was recorded by professional tv camera on the old tv show called Martial Law. Season 1 episode 17 about 32 minutes into the show. A perfect sphere just appears in the sky flying with directional changes then flies off the top of the screen. mufon 

Case 4: December 8, 2020 

Possible UFO fleet captured on ISS cam

  [embedded content]

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