Aliens In 2020: Pentagon Report On UAP To UFO Sightings In UK, 10 Speculations This Year

From UFO specialist detecting ‘alien jet’ to unidentified sighting in the UK sky, these are ten incidents that forced people to think about aliens in 2020.

The year, which was often labelled as the ‘most bizarre’ by the internet users posed unprecedented challenges. From COVID-19 pandemic to misinformation campaigns and other disasters, 2020 bombarded people across the globe with unimaginable situations. To top it all, there was also an increasingly high level of talks about ‘aliens taking over Earth’. From Pentagon declassifying report on ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ (UAP) to unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings being reported from the UK, there were a series of speculations rooting from unexplainable situations. So much so, that people in New Jersey even confused a ‘blimp airship’ to be a UFO. Here are ten instances that triggered conversations on Aliens in 2020:

Pentagon Report On UAPs Contains ‘extremely Clear’ Picture Of Suspected UFO

A never-seen-before picture of a suspected unidentified flying object (UFO) was leaked after the existence of two Pentagon reports on ‘Unidentified Aerial Phenomena’ (UAP) emerged earlier this year. According to The Debrief, which talked to US military and intelligence officers, there are two classified reports on UAP that are being widely circulated in the US intelligence community. The content of the reports even included the leaked picture that is now going viral on social media. 

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Aliens Exist On Mars And Trump Knows About It, Claims Israel’s Ex-Space Chief

There is an existence of a “Galactic Federation” and Israel and the United States have been dealing with aliens for years, Israel’s former space security chief made an unprecedented claim in a televised interview. According to ANI, Haim Eshed, who spoke extensively about the extraterrestrial life, said that “an agreement” between the US government and the aliens have been made because they wish to research and understand the “fabric of the universe”. The 87-year-old even went on to emphasise that US President Donald Trump is aware of the aliens and that he was “on the verge” of informing everyone about their existence. 

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UFO Specialist Detects ‘ancient Alien Jet Engine’ Remains On Mars

A UFO specialist has reportedly detected remains of an ancient jet engine on the surface of Mars saying that the “advanced technology” was proof that Martians existed. Posting the footage on his YouTube channel, the UFOlogist Scott Waring of ET DataBase said that while navigating through archived snaps on the Red Planet by NASA’s Curiosity rover, he spotted “engine” that has been existent on Mars’ dusty Gale crater for approximately eight years. In a published blog post, Waring detailed the material, what he said, resembled the “modern-day jet engines.” 

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US Navy pilots encountering what appears to be UFOs

The Pentagon on Monday, April 27, released three declassified videos in Washington, that showed US Navy pilots encountering what appears to be UFOs (unidentified flying objects). Although grainy, the videos depict what the Pentagon termed ‘UAP’ (unidentified aerial phenomena). The videos were originally recorded at different points of time. One of the videos reportedly taped an incident dating all the way back to 2004, while the remaining two were captured in 2015, according to Sue Gough, a spokesperson with the Defence Department in the US.

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UFO Sightings Reported In UK, People Say It Was ‘too Fast, Too Bright’ 

Strange unidentified flying objects have been reportedly sighted in Billingshurst, Barns Green, Warnham and Rudgwick in UK. According to the West Sussex County Times, the alerts of such sighting were raised by several people across the area that further generated a wave of confusion and curiosity. This came just a week after an air cadet, Alex Bridle claimed to have seen a ‘bright orange light’ over Billingshurst which was flying high and flashing lights before it fastened and disappeared. He also said that whatever object he saw flying was ‘too fast and too bright’ to be of any sort of satellite.

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People Confuse A Blimp Airship To Be A UFO In New Jersey

The internet was intrigued with the news of the UFO sightings ever since the Pentagon released footage of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in early 2020. Since then, several videos did rounds on social media with netizens claiming that they have also spotted a UFO. Though some of these videos actually leave people scratching their heads as to what they just witnessed, some of them are downright hilarious. Similarly, one such video of a man claiming that a UFO was spotted in New Jersey started doing the rounds on the internet, but, it wasn’t the case after all as it was a blimp airship.

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Everything about TASS confirming UFO sighting

On October 9, 1989, 31 years ago Russia’s press agency TASS claimed that the extra-terrestrial contact on earth had already been made as it confirmed the report of sightings of three aliens in the city of Voronezh arriving on the “banana-shaped” object (UFO). “Scientists have confirmed the recent unidentified flying object recently landed in a park in the Russian city of Voronezh,” the release by TASS read. “They identified the landing site and found traces of aliens who made a short promenade about the park,” it added, claiming that two pieces of unidentified rocks were left behind which cannot be found on Earth. 

Image credits: @SecretzChannel/Twitter

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France: Mysterious ‘Templar’ Sign In Cornfield

In a rather shocking incident, a giant crop circle appeared out of the blue in Northern France and is now responsible for drawing people in huge flocks to witness the phenomenon. According to reports, the giant ‘templar’ sign appeared earlier this month on July 5 in a Vimy field near Lens and has triggered curiosity as well as the excitement of thousands of people.

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Miley Cyrus Reveals Being ‘shaken’ After Being Chased Down By A UFO

American pop star Miley Cyrus claimed to have been chased by a UFO with a ‘being sitting in the front’ while she was driving through a California desert. In an interview with prolific fashion designer Rick Owens for Interview Magazine, Cyrus extensively spoke about her supposed encounter with an alien. The Malibu crooner revealed that she made eye contact with the being sitting in the UFO.

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Demi Lovato Shares Her ‘UFO Encounter’ Experience

American singer Demi Lovato shared a video on social media while she narrated her encounter with a UFO during her retreat in Joshua Tree with her friends and Dr. Steven Greer. The singer also gave a glimpse of the UFO sighting in the form of pictures and videos which is sure to leave her fans on toes. The video shows unidentified bright lights in the sky.

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Astronaut Recalls Misjudging Liquid Droplets For UFOs In Space

Astronaut Tim Peake, who in 2015 became the first Briton to join the ISS crew, this year opened up about his experience of spending six months in space. Speaking at the Graham Norton Show, the 48-year-old spoke about how he once thought he had seen UFOs in space only to find out that they were liquid droplets leaking out of Russian probe vehicles. Peake, who is also a British army major holds the Guinness world record for fastest marathon in orbit.

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