The Photo Stick & PhotoStick Mobile Reviews: Scam Or Worth Buying?

Running out of storage is a common problem for people who like to take photos. They may use up a lot of the space on their computer and not know what to do with their files and how to keep those files safe. They might think it’s necessary to delete the files, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you have a secure portable storage option, then you can move your files around easily, transfer them to another computer or store them separately from your device. The Photostick is designed to do that for you, and it also is supposed to serve as a secure storage option for photos and videos. So, if you are looking for a way to keep precious memories intact and safe from electrical damage, viruses and malware on the computer, storing them in a portable flash drive like the photostick might be a good choice.

Is the Photostick a good choice, though? You will want to read our full review to find the answer to that question. We are going to go in depth and look at every aspect of this product, answering common questions for you so that you can be informed about this popular product.

The Photo Stick- What Is It?

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What exactly is the Photostick and what does it do? It’s a flash drive storage device, simply put. However, it is designed specifically for use with photos and videos, and it is made for use with laptops and computers. So, it should work with your PC, desktop computer or portable computer. There is a separate product made for phones and tablets, known as the Photostick Mobile.

Photostick is sold in different sizes and is meant to find files for you, doing the work automatically to save you some time. With other types of flash drives, you would have to go through the tedious process of finding the files yourself and dragging them or sending them to the flash drive. The Photo Stick is a lot more convenient and user friendly, though, and it is made with the general public in mind.

This is a flash drive that anyone can use, because simplicity is a key part of its design. If it really does work as the manufacturers claim it does, then you will not need to do much to get the photostick to find files, retrieve those files for you, and then send them to the flash drive.

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How the Photostick Functions

The photostick is really simple to operate, as it contains software that finds files for itself. So, it saves you the trouble of having to look for files manually and locates video and image files on its own. Pretty cool, right? And when it does that, it pulls them onto the flash drive for safe strange. Now, those files are not eliminated. The don’t get erased just because they are placed on the flash drive. Instead, they are copied onto the Photostick drive.

What doesn’t get copied over are the duplicate files, and most of us have at least a few of those. The Photostick has software that is smart enough to identify which files are duplicates of other files, and then it systematically ignores the duplicates so that there is only one of each file being saved onto the drive.

A lot of this happens in a way that is completely automated, so that you don’t have to get involved, look for files, sort out the duplicate files or any of that. It is all pretty much done for you already, which is kind of amazing. You can get all of your photos and your videos transferred onto a secure storage device without hardly having to do anything. 

The photo stick functions as a very safe way to keep files stored, because it is a form of portable storage. That means it can be inserted into our computer and then taken out and still retain all of the files. Then, you can place the Photostick in a safe place where it won’t be affected by flooding, electrical outages and other issues. Separating it from the computer means that it would be safe from hacking, computer viruses, power surges and other issues that could compromise your photos. You don’t want to lose all of your cherished memories, and this is a good way to keep them safe and ensure that nothing happens to them.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of the PhotoStick?

With any kind of technology, there will be both good and bad sides to it. There are definitelys ome advantages to buying the Photostick, but it has its disadvantages as well, and for the sake of providing fair and balanced Photo Stick reviews, we want to tell you about the pros and cons associated with this device.


Simplicity of Use – This is such an easy product to use, designed so that anyone can use it and not have trouble getting it to work for them. Just a few button clicks is all it takes to operate the device and get it to find and store the files for you.

No Downloads Required – You don’t have to download any software from the Photostick or from the internet for it to work. That greatly reduces the risk of malware and computer problems and ensures that the operation of the photostick isn’t taking up any extra space on your computer.

Works with a Lot of Devices – The Photostick is compatible with most kinds of laptops, computers, and PCs. If it is any kind of computing device that is larger than a tablet or phone, then the Photostick should work with it just fine.

Speedy Operation – The Photostick is made to be super fast and to work quicker than other kinds of file storage and file finder software. It is able to quickly find thousands of files on your computer and then transfer those files over to the flash drive Photostick. Transferring them from there to a new computer is quick as well. The entire process is mostly automated and is done rapidly, so thousands of files can be transferred in minutes.

It Finds Files on Its Own – One of the key benefits to this product is that it can locate files without any help from you. It can find videos and photos that are stored on your computer, even in places that they should not be. It does all of this automatically, so it is super easy to use and very convenient for people who don’t have time to find files themselves or who may not know where to look.


May Not Locate Every File – Now, this is a great piece of hardware, but the Photostick is not perfect. It might miss certain types of photo or video files, and that is because it may be set to look for only specific file types. If that seems to be the case when use it, you can just go into the settings and change that so it can find the right kind of files that are stored on your computer.

Might Not Work with Some Devices – Of course, thephotostick is only compatible with computers and not phones or tablets, so it won’t work on those kinds of portable devices. However, there are some kinds of computers it might not work on, specifically those that do not have a USB drive to plug the Photostick into and on some older computers that may not have compatible operating systems.

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Photostick Mobile Explained

If you have a mobile device, like a smartphone or an iPad, then there is a Photostick designed specifically for you. It is known as the Photo Stick for iPhone or the Photostick Mobile.

This one works on most kinds of portable devices, including the majority of iPhone and Android devices. It is compatible with all the most popular phones from these brands, so the odds are good that it will work with your smartphone or tablet. It works with iPads too, giving you a way to store and move the photos that you have saved on there.

If you feel that you might run out of storage soon or you already have, then the Photostick could be the best way to move those files to a secure location. You would not have to worry then about those files being hacked or stolen or something happening to them. They would be kept secure on the Photostick.

There are two distinct kinds of Photostick devices you can buy. They are each made for different kinds of devices, so keep that in mind and be sure you choose the best Photo Stick for your needs and for your device.

The mobile version is compatible with just about every iOS device and Android device- including all tablets and smartphones. You won’t need to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot to have an internet connection to make the Photostick work, though. It doesn’t need any kind of internet connection to function the way it should, because remember that there is no download required.

Photo Stick 5

The software on the photostick mobile works the same way as it does on the regular Photostick for computers. It finds the files for you and sorts out the duplicates so that they are not copied over. That is going to save you some space and prevent you from overfilling your flash drive or using up unnecessary space.

Like the computer version of Photo Stick, the mobile version is very simple to use. You simply need to plug in the Photostick flash drive and let it go to work. Follow the prompts on the screen to activate it and get it started. From there, it will do everything necessary for you, finding files and transferring them without any duplicates onto the Photostick. It could not be any easier, and it is just as simple whether you are using the mobile or regular versions. The pros and cons remain the same as well regardless of which version you buy.

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Customer Reviews on the Photostick

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You might be interested to know what the customers who have bought and used the Photo Stick are saying about it. Are their reviews mostly positive or negative? Are they saying it is a good buy or advising people to avoid it? These are important questions, so let’s get right into them.

One of the customer reviews posted up on Amazon says that the device works so easy that it is almost too easy to use. The customer was impressed about how easy it was to find files and sort them out without having to do hardly anything himself.

Another reviewer said the device worked very well with her computer and had no problems at all. It found all of her files and even ones that she had forgotten about and thought were lost. She was wowed by how well the product worked and how easily it found files stored in the wrong places.

A lot of the reviews have very positive things to say about the Photo Stick, but not all of them. Some of them have a sour note to share, like one on Amazon that said the Photostick was not recognized by the computer. The reviewer said that it had worked previously but simply stopped working at some point. There are some similar reviews here and there that share the same sentiment, complaining about the product simply not working for them, and this may be an issue for customers who have very old computers or computers with viruses or other problems with them.

The overwhelming majority of the photo stick reviews though, are entirely positive.

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How Quickly Does the PhotoStick Work?

Did we mention that this is a fast product? It can find files very quickly, and you may be surprised at how effectively and quickly it works, finding thousands of files in a very short period of time.

If you have lots of videos and photos on your computer that you want to save onto a portable device or send to another computer, you might be worried that it would take a while to sort them and transfer them, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You can use thephotostick to find them very quickly and get your files transferred in a flash.

How Many Photos Does It Store?

You can use the photostick to store anywhere from 3,500-60,000 photos at once, depending on which size you get. There are three different versions of the Photostick for computers, and the smallest one is just 8GB and holds only 3,500 photos. Still, that will be plenty of photo storage for the average person, but if you want to store more at once, there are some other options that will accommodate you.

The next size up is the 64Gb one, which holds an impressive 30,000 photos at once. Then, you can upgrade from there and go with the 128Gb one, which will hold about 60,000 photos inside of it.

The numbers we have given you are not going to be exact figures, and the reason for that is that photo file sizes can vary. Photos range in size from small to large, depending on their resolution. Then, if you add in videos that you will be transferring over to the Photostick, you will reduce the number of files you can store there. Videos take up a lot more space than photographs, so expect any videos you transfer to drastically cut into your available space.

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Where People Use The PhotoStick

The versatility of the Photostick is one of its strong suits, and it can be used practically anywhere. A lot of people use it at home to store personal photos and videos from their computer, but you can also use it at school or college, storing schoolwork and other important files there.

You can use it at work as well, taking your work from one computer to another or from work to home to complete projects on your own time. The portability and compatibility are great benefits that this product offers that similar products might not be able to.

What Files Types Are Compatible with the Photostick?

Let’s talk technical specifications for the Photostick now. This product is able to find and sort files of all different kinds, including a wide variety of photo and video file formats. It automatically finds a lot of those for you, so you should not have to mess with the settings much to find what you are looking for.

This product works with all of your typical, most common video and photo file types, including all of the following- jpeg, mov, mpeg4, png, tif, crw, and more. It can even find and store photo shopped pictures for you.

Photo Stick 8

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How to Operate The Photo stick

Like said, the name of the game with Photostick is simplicity. It is so simple that just about anyone can use it easily, and all the steps to use it are going to appear up on the screen for you. Just follow the prompts on your screen to find out what to do next- it is all pretty self-explanatory.

There isn’t much that you need to do to make it work, though. Operation is as simple as plugging the photo stick into the USB drive and then clicking a few onscreen prompts to get it started. From there, the rest of the process is automatic.

Do You Have to Download or Install Anything on Your Computer?

One of the benefits of this product is that it has nothing for you to download in order to use it. There is software on the drive itself that finds and stores files for you, but none of that needs to be downloaded onto your device for the Photostick to do its job. You won’t even need an internet connection to make it work. It takes up no space on your computer and installs no files on your computer.

How Much the Photostick Will Cost You

The Photo Stick is priced to be quite affordable, and the smallest version of the flash drive is just $34.99. That is for the 8GB versions, which we told you will hold as many as 3,500 files for you.

If you want more storage space and are willing to pay a bit more, the 64Gb version is only $49.99. That is just a $15 price increase for eight times the storage space, which we think is quite a deal.

The biggest Photo Stick is the 128Gb one, which will cost you $79.99. As we mentioned before, this big one will give you storage space for up to 60,000 photos, but less if you add in videos and large, high resolution pictures.

Photo Stick 9

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Is There a Photostick Scam to Worry about?

We hear the word “scam” thrown around alto these days, and before exotic buy anything off the internet, including the Photostick, you should eb looking into whether there is any scam involved. If you buy the authentic product, you have nothing to worry about. There is a money back guarantee there to protect you, and the Photo Stick is considered a reliable product. You can read a Photostick review to find out what people are saying about it and to determine if it might be a good purchase. There isn’t any scam to worry about, though, with this product.

Photo Stick 10

The Final Word on Photostick

So, what’s our verdict on the Photo Stick? Should you buy it or should you hold off on it? The choice is definitely yours to make, and you want to make it carefully. We do recommend that you give photo stick a try, though. It is a product that has been well reviewed- both by consumers and by industry experts- so, it is well regarded.

This product is an excellent way to store your photos in a secure manner so that you don’t have to be worried that something might happen to them. You will not need to be concerned about people hacking into your personal files and stealing photos from your computer or deleting them. You also don’t have to be worried about power surges and other issue that could cause your files to disappear forever. If you don’t want to lose videos and photos that are saved on your computer, then you definitely need a secure portable storage option like he Photo Stick.

Another good reason to use this product because it offers you a way to save some memory on your computer or laptop. You can store thousands of files on a single, small flash drive, clearing up space that you may need to use for other things. You can get your computer’s memory and free space back this way.

It also helps you to find files that you thought were lost. There may be some photos that were very special to you that you cannot locate, and the Photostick can find them for you, no matter where they may be located. You don’t have to go looking for them yourself because this handy product does all the work and find files in any location on your computer. So long as they are the right kind of file format- like most photo and video files- then the Photostick will have no problem locating them for you.

Photostick is a good deal as well, being priced at an affordable point and often offered on sale from various retailers. It comes with a money back guarantee that makes it a risk-free purchase, so you have nothing to lose. Other file sorting and storage tools will cost more or not work as well or not be compatible with as many devices, so the Photostick stands out from the rest by offering better quality and more features at a better price point.

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