Huge Flash before UFO arrives through Portal

Something really strange happened on January 16, 2021 when the Secchi Stereo Ahead EUVI 171 probe captured an enormous flash that then revealed a giant object in the vicinity of the sun. 

Blue beams, possible electrically charged, are visible on both sides of the object, apparently emanating from the object. 

The object, which looks like a giant UFO, comes from another dimension and arrives through a portal near the sun? 

A portal is an extraordinary opening in space or time that connects travelers, in this case a giant UFO, to distant realms. 


Stereo-A, Secchi, EUVI 171

Flash – date: 2021/1/16 Time:05.38.00 

Object – Date: 2021/1/16 Time: 05.43.00 

Flash and object only visible within a split second.

  [embedded content]

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