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Hacking a website is a very lucrative business. Adding an embedded malware program through website emails are very common. Once a malware program is embedded within a website it can take control of the website link and forward the website to what ever product the hacker wants to promote. Every time someone visits that type of a hacked site, the hacker’s malware program links it to another website, in which they could earn 15 cents per visit. That may not sound a lot, but if you start adding it up, 1000 transfer links equals $150, and 100,000 transfer links equals $15,000, and so on.

That was the case with UFOnut.com. Some criminal or what I like to call a “sleazebag” hacked my site for personal gain. Now granted these individuals can’t make money honestly like the majority of us, sometimes due to very low self esteem or complete lack of social skills, but are smart enough to learn software code. Trust me, it doesn’t take someone with a high IQ to be able to do this, it’s just learning and understanding software. When I first started in the microchip business, my colleagues and I would hack each other’s computers just to be mischievous. We would capture each others monitors, take control and manipulate what they were seeing. It was all in fun, but not taken too far.

When I first created this website, I learned HTML and built it myself by using code. That’s what you had to do back in the day when website programs didn’t exist. I don’t consider myself as some guy with a high IQ, it’s just a learning process. If I really wanted to get back at the hackers, with some learning time and a couple of emails to my MIT friends, I know I would be able to reverse engineer their software and trace down who they are, then hack them. I reverse engineer microchips and they’re more complicated than software. But… that’s not who I am, and I have more important things to do like, search for UFOs.

So what should all of us do to protect ourselves from these hacking leeches?

First make sure you have anti-hacking software on your personal computer. Make sure it updates regularly because new types of hacking programs are created all the time. If you have a website, make sure you have anti-hacking software to protect it. The software I had, and I said “had” was able to hunt down and locate the hacker’s code. The updated software I have now scans my website daily looking for “malware” (software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to a computer system). The software embedded on my website now informs me if there is any malware attempts and if it succeeds, then it’s removed. It also protects anyone visiting my site too from reverse malware transfer.

UFOnut is now a “https” site, which stands for “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.” It is the protocol where encrypted HTTP data is transferred over a secure connection.

As for my website hacker or hackers, they seem to be associated with these names: “Atomicorp”, “honeypot”, and “Egyspider”. Their code captured and controlled (/wp-content) which is WordPress content, the software I use for this website.

But what about the product they were pitching?

After some research, the product the hacker is making money on, is just as sleazy as the hacker themselves, and I’m sure this product supports hackers because it can only be purchased through the Internet.

The company who promotes this product is, “Ketorapiddiet.com”. With a little more research I found out its parent company is, “Grandstand, LLC” in Utah. With a “F” rating through the Better Business Bureau, it is considered, “Non Accredited“. Further more, when researching the location of this business, this is what I found.

Yep, this is the location of Grandstand LLC in Utah. I can see there is plenty of parking for its employees. I wonder if there’s benefits for the hackers that work with them?

So if you purchase the Keto Advanced Weight Loss product, this is where it comes from? A basement or maybe a shed in the back yard? Your guess is as good as mine. Also, this product claims it was the most watched episode on the Shark Tank show.

In reality, (AP news states)
The first-ever startup to come and push a keto-diet product on the program was back in 2018 when a couple of investors pitched — to the judges — the idea of a keto cookie called ‘Nui.’”

AP article goes on to say:
With that being said, as of Jan 2020, there has not been a single episode of “Shark Tank” where investors/independent entrepreneurs have come and pitched the idea of a keto weight loss diet pill.

So, these guys lie and prey on individuals who don’t take the time to do a little research.

So what have we learned?

I would like to thank “Lisa Drouillard”, for emailing me that UFOnut.com was linked to a website selling KETO Advanced Weight Loss product. Needless to say, I was very surprised and immediately concerned my website wasn’t properly secure. A few phone calls, emails and “$$” later, UFOnut.com became a more secure site not only for me but also my readers too!

But one has to wonder, why was my website targeted? I mean UFO my definition means “Unconventional Flying Objects” but were the KETO hackers thinking, “Unusually Fat and Obese?”

I wonder… Are there obese aliens? And if so, do they care? And… are there Alien hackers?

Yes! At least since the 1960’s.

Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in 1967. 10 ICMs suddenly became inoperative at the same time a mysterious red glowing object was seen in the sky.

AP News Link, “Beware of Fake Shark Tank Trial Supplements”

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