‘UFO Witness’ Episode 11: Did Betty and Barney Hill really see humanoid aliens before claiming to be abducted?

Their abductors, they said, were ‘nearly human’ and had dark huge eyes, noses, and black hair as well. Their skin was gray

Alien abduction tales and theories are a dime a dozen, but some have remained an enigma to date. The “Betty and Barney Hill’s Alien Abduction” story on a September 1961 night has been one of those stories that have defined the whole abduction genre. Soon after, this incident was named the ‘Zeta Reticuli Incident’ after the couple claimed their aliens were from the Zeta Reticuli system. The story, like most famed alien tales, also saw its place in pop culture in the form of a 1975 flick, ‘The UFO Incident’.

Now, the events of the abduction will be examined again. This time, Discovery+ will reopen the chapter as part of its show, ‘UFO Witness’. The final episode titled, ‘The Hybrid Secret’ will explore the possibility of the alien-human breeding program and also looks at the Betty and Barney incident as one of the important links.

A look at the recount by both Betty and Barney sees them describe their abductors as gray beings with large eyes. These extraterrestrials had walked the couple into a metallic disc that was as wide as their house. The couple’s memories were reportedly erased. To date, there is no doubt the story has been looked at as a mystery and absolute balderdash.

According to History, Betty with the help of hypnosis recounts how the couple was experimented upon. The beings as they called them removed their clothes, took strands of their hair, clipped nails, and also scraped their skin. Their heads, arms, and legs along with their spines were probed by needles that were connected to long wires. One of them was inserted into her belly. And all the while, a “leader” of the beings was keenly observing the experiments. 

Did the Hills actually see humanoid aliens?

Although Betty’s account pretty much leaves a lot to the readers’ imagination, thinking of the aliens with a human structure might not be too much of a stretch. Barney, in his report to National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) investigator Walter Webb, said the “beings were somehow not human.” There are, of course, two explanations— fragged memory and the possibility that they weren’t humans, or at least they didn’t look like a normal human being.

Soon after their reports of being abducted, Betty experienced dreams with such incredible detailing that she actually wrote them down. Two small men walking her into the forest in one of her writings. Barney followed suit, although she describes him to be dazed and practically sleepwalking. The men reportedly stood about five feet and all wore matching blue uniforms. They were “nearly human” and had dark huge eyes, noses, and black hair as well. Their skin was gray. 

Naturally, there was no way this could be proved. And especially not the part where she even dreamt of speaking to the extraterrestrial she termed as the leader. “if you don’t know where you are, there wouldn’t be any point in telling you where I am,” the being had said in response to her question where the craft was.

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Was this pretty much her subconscious thoughts? Was it hallucinations? We’ll never know.

Perhaps, ‘The Hybrid Secret’ will provide some much-needed answers, or at least new theories and insights. The official synopsis reads: “Evidence of a possible extraterrestrial breeding program sends Ben Hansen to the Bay Area, San Francisco, California, in search of answers about alien-human hybrids. He suspects there may be a link to the Betty and Barney Hill case, one of the world’s most famous abduction stories.”

The episode streams February 11, 2021, on Discovery+

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