Airline Confirms Encounter With Cylindrical-Shaped UFO Over New Mexico

Cylindrical-Shaped UFO Zooms Past Commerical Airliner

The radio transmission regarding a rogue cylindrical-shaped
object traveling at high-speed near the Airbus A320 is authentic.

     Less than 48 hours after our initial reporting on an outright strange incident involving American Airlines Flight 2292 as it flew at 36,000 feet over the northeastern corner of New Mexico on February 21st, 2021, we have confirmation that the event in
By Tyler Rogoway
The War Zone

question did indeed occur and that it is being investigated by the FBI. The incident involved pilots of the Airbus A320 being buzzed by an unidentified cylindrical-shaped object moving at high-speed, which resulted in them querying the FAA’s Albuquerque Air Route Traffic Control Center.

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