Strange streak of light apparently releases bright object over Red Springs

A group of researchers worked for 13 years at the Human Genome Project (Project completed in 2003) indicate that they made an astonishing scientific discovery: They believe so-called 97% non-coding sequences in human DNA is no less than genetic code of extraterrestrial life forms. Non-coding sequences, originally known as “junk DNA”, were discovered years ago, […]

Are Cesarean Sections Named After Julius Caesar?

Cesarean sections have been a part of human culture since ancient times. This surgery, which is characterized by the delivery of a baby through the mother’s abdomen, is referenced in ancient Hindu, Egyptian, Grecian, Roman and other European folklore. But where did the term originate? One popular theory is that the term cesarean was derived […]

Latest Podcast: 443. Miguel Romero

Guest, Miguel Romero talks about his longtime interest in UFOs, as well as UFOs in Mexico & worldwide incidents, and whether UFOs may have a connection to consciousness plus a lot more. Show Notes Podcast: Play in new window | Download

The Ice Caps Are Melting. Will They Ever Disappear Completely?

The statistics are grim. Collectively, the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets lose around 466 tons of ice a year on average. That’s more than 1.1 billion tons every day. The water from those liquefying ice sheets pours into the oceans, inching sea levels higher and higher. There’s little sign that the melting of the ice […]

Cylindrical-Shaped UFO Zooms Past Commerical Airliner, As Reported By Pilot

Airliner Encountered Unidentified Fast-Moving Cylindrical Object Over New Mexico      American Airlines Flight 2292, an Airbus A320 flying between Cincinnati and Phoenix on February 21st, 2021, had a bizarre close encounter with what its crew described as a “long cylindrical object that almost looked like a cruise missile” moving By Tyler RogowayThe War Zone2-21-21 […]

What Are Macronutrients and Why Do People Keep Talking About Them?

“Are you tracking your macros?” This fairly common question among health aficionados today may not have made sense to nutrition-savvy people of the past. Macros, short for macronutrients, are the building blocks of any diet. Break down any food into its basic molecular components and you’ll find the proteins, fats and carbohydrates that give us […]

Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Work As Well in Patients With Obesity?

When researchers began to develop what they hoped would be an effective COVID-19 vaccine, they already knew that H1N1 influenza – a novel virus, like COVID-19 – more severely affected patients with overweight or obesity. Patients with a body mass index of 30 or above had a higher risk of hospitalization and death from H1N1. This […]

The EAAROCIBO Project: New Methodology in Searching for Aliens

Is there anyone working out there? Astronomers plan to listen for noise made by alien factories using the first UK telescope dedicated to the search for extra-terrestrials.      The EAAROCIBO project – launched by a group of scientists and businessmen based in East Anglia – aims to ditch the traditional method of searching for […]

Ancient structures found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

The United Arab Emirates. China and NASA each launched their spacecraft to the planet Mars about seven months ago.  Now, China’s Tianwen-1 has entered the orbit of the Red Planet on February 10, 2021 after an interplanetary voyage covering nearly 475 million kilometers.  China National Space Administration has unveiled complete footage of the first Chinese […]

10 Best Fish Oil Supplements for Sale

Omega-3s are an important part of overall health and bodily function. These fatty acids are commonly found in fish and other sea creatures, but they’re also found in certain vegetables and oils. Many people get their Omega-3s via supplements, since not everyone eats fish or even enjoys it. The only real drawback to fish oil […]