Jeff Ritzmann: Husband, Father, Paranormalist, Radio Host, Artist, Musician – In Memoriam

Jeff Ritzmann - RIP

“Jeff could be crafting a customized Steampunk Guitar early in the morning, then go to work creating fantastic Artwork for George Lucas, come home and research on whether or not a ‘UFO’ photograph was real or not and then do a podcast on the Paranormal that happens to also showcase his music that he composed.”–JA

     Just attended the virtual memorial (see below). Heard some great stories including one about Jeff Creating Artwork for George Lucas and George is over his shoulder making suggestions to it. Other stories were from Actors and his work with Lodge-49.

Such a gifted, creative and kind soul that the World lost waaay too soon.

Jeremy Vaeni who was Jeff’s partner on Paratopia for many years, he hosted the Virtual Memorial. (Small back-history, Jeremy and I back in 2004-05 were trying to get permission to camp a few nights at the SkinWalker Ranch. This is while I was investigating Marc Olson’s ongoing UFO’s in Sonora Calif).

Johnny Anonymous

By Johnny Anonymous
The UFO Chronicles

He shared a story (with his wife) about how Jeff and Jeremy had both agreed that whomever died first would try to pass a message … that ‘they’ had made it over to the otherside.

On the evening of Jeff’s passing lights (that were shut off by his wife) came on, other lights were flickering… Both Jeremy and his wife thought this was odd. The following day they learn of his passing was at around the time of the flickering lights.

Anyway cool stories and it was neat to see how many people were moved by him and his work.

Hopefully his adventures now will be more rewarding as he doesn’t have the constraints of a human body any more.

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