Strange anomalies sticking out of Antarctica’s ice sheet

Strange anomalies found in the middle of nowhere near Hut Point Peninsula located south-west from the slopes of Mount Erebus on Ross Island, Antarctica. Interesting fact: McMurdo Station and Scott Base, Antarctic research stations, are located on the Hut Point Peninsula. 

Object 1 looks like a delta-wing craft though the left wing could be a shadow of the right metallic looking part of 16 x 16 meters that sticks out of the ice sheet. 

Object 2: White rectangular unknown object, size about 10x7x6 meters and what could be the unnatural looking oval shape underneath the object. 

Object 3: White rectangular unknown object, size about 8x2x2 meters located between object 1 and object 2. 

The shadows are the reverse projections of the objects blocking the light.

What are those anomalies sticking out of the ice sheet? 


Object 1: 78°26’39.24″S 162°16’20.07″E 

Object 2 and 3: 78°26’42.70″S 162°16’59.06″E

  [embedded content]

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