Military Cover-Up of the Dexter UFO Incident Led to Greater Government Transparency

UFO Landing in Dexter, MI 3-14-1966

     Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Deputies spot “four strange flying objects” in the sky, moving at high rates of speed. Law enforcement in Livingston Co, Monroe Co, Sylvania, OH, and Selfridge Air Force Base near Mt. Clemens also report “red-green objects … moving at fantastic speeds.”
By Doug Marrin
The Sun Times News

The same day, the U.S. Air Force and Civil Defense begin an investigation into the incidents.

The police report states: “Frank Mannor and his son, Ronald [plus 40-60 others including 12 policemen?] saw hovering over a swamp about 1,500 ft away a brown luminous car­ sized object, with a ‘scaly’ or ‘waffled’ surface, cone-shaped on top, flat on bottom, or football­ shaped, and 2 bluish-green lights on right and left edges that turned bright red and helped illuminate the object in between.

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