Jet Interceptors Chase UFOs in D.C. Skies | UFO CHRONICLE – 1952

Jets Alerted For Saucers - Washington Times-Herald 7-26-1952

     Jet fighters of the Eastern Interceptor Command last night were alerted to reach the Washington area “in a matter of minutes” if “Flying Saucers” paid a second visit within 24 hours.
By Washington Times-Herald

The jets roared into action late Saturday night when a new invasion of “Saucers” was picked up on radar here.

Two jet pilots, sent up by the Air force to investigate the mysterious objects, pursued the saucers but were unable to make contact before they disappeared.

The Air Force announced that the strange phenomenon, “between four and twelve in number,” were first sighted at 9:08 p.m. Saturday by radar operators at the CAA air route traffic control center at National Airport.

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