2014 Unexplained Files: Paranormal Highway of America (Still popular)

Episode Ninja: A website that ranks the best episodes of any TV show based on user ratings: My personal episode, the “Paranormal Highway of America”, which was featured on the second season of “The Unexplained Files” TV show, ranked number three out of all episodes for both seasons one and two.

Episode Ninja description of, The Unexplained Files TV show : Strange sightings in the sky, mysterious disappearances, strangely terrifying creatures and reports of real UFO encounters. The Unexplained Files is an unabashed telling of some of the world’s best and most baffling true stories. Uncover some of the world’s most profound and disturbing mysteries with smart investigative journalism and creative style that will launch you into an exploration of the unknown. All of these mysterious phenomena come from credible sources and are accompanied either with some form of primary evidence or multiple witnesses, whose trembling accounts take us on a mysterious journey that ends truly unexplained. In this bizarre, but factual world we discover that seeking explanations often leads to even more compelling questions.

In 2013 I was in season one episode (Livestock Mutilation and Curse of the Ice Mummy) of Science Channel’s “The Unexplained Files”. During my segment on animal mutilations, I touched on my “then” current theory about a paranormal highway traversing across the US on the 37th degree latitude. My “37th Degree Latitude” theory, was press released on September, 15th, 2011, on my website.

When “The Unexplained Files” TV show was approved for a second season, I was approached by the Science Channel because they were intrigued by my 37th Degree theory I had mentioned in Season 1. They asked if I had any data supporting my theory, well… being not one to make up theories, I down-loaded them with pages of info. Needless to say they were impressed and gave me my own episode, “Paranormal Highway of America”.

So not too bad, my episode ranks within the top three of all episodes for two seasons.

But wait, that’s not all. If you’re not frequent to this website, then you may not know, my episode started a chain reaction.

Beau Flynn from FlynnPictureCo a film production company in California, had seen my episode and thought it would make a good movie. So he contacted me and after a few very interesting and exciting phone conversations, the ball started rolling.

Standing next to The 37th Parallel book.

Beau commissioned famed Boston author, Ben Mezrich, to write a book about me and my theory, so a script can be developed from his book. Ben Mezrich already had a couple of books that popular movies were made from, “The Social Network” and “21”. So after a few months talking and visiting with Ben Mezrich, his book, “The 37th Parallel” which is basically about me and my investigations, was written and released through Simon and Schuster publishing, on September of 2016.

It was a New York Times bestseller for two months.

So just recapping info for new readers, New Line Cinema, Warner Bros, pre-emptively picked up the book for a movie concept before it was even released to the public. Their interest was sparked by Mezrich’s rough draft.

As of present, a screenplay has been written and approved, but no movement on the movie project has started yet. I’m hoping they’ll start production before aliens start landing on the White House lawn.

So the point I like to make is, “This rollercoaster ride started with a little segment on one episode from Unexplained Files from season 1, then one thing led to another, and I got my own episode in season 2, then a book, and then a movie about me hopefully within this century.

Oh, and let’s not forget my TV show, “Alien Highway” on the Travel Channel in 2019. It only lasted one season, but I get really good comments from those who watch the re-runs, and those who see it for the first time in other countries. They always ask if it will come back for a second season.

Well that’s up to Travel Channel and the Discovery network. In my opinion Alien Highway is better than a lot of other shows out there, but hey, I’m biased.

But one thing I never forget are the viewers! People who have seen me on TV and emailed me saying they like my investigative style. I address all my investigations a little skeptical and analyze evidence analytically. I don’t like those shows where the investigators are too quick to assume. You have to eliminate all probable possibilities before you claim something is within the paranormal realm.

So thank you very much to the viewers who enjoy and learn from the shows I’m in, and all the listeners who hear me on Podcasts.

Well now I thought it would be fun to delve into the behind scenes from my Unexplained Files episodes.

Actor, Bruce Greenwood

One cool thing is, actor Bruce Greenwood (aka. Captain Pike from the new Star Trek movies) was the narrator for my season 1 cattle mutilation episode.

Actor, Lee Williams

British actor, Lee Williams was the narrator for my “Paranormal Highway of America” episode.

Season 1:

This is the Unexplained Files promo video clip for my cattle mutilation investigation for the Miller ranch.

[embedded content]

Rancher Tom Miller talking about his mutilation cases.
Courtesy, Discovery Communications, The Unexplained Files TV show.
Season one production crew. / Photo UFOnut LLC.

This photo is part of the production crew for the season 1 episode, “The Unexplained Files” episode: Livestock Mutilation and Curse of the Ice Mummy. (2013). They’re setting up to interview rancher, Mike Duran.

Rancher, Mike Duran. / Photo UFOnut LLC.

Rancher Mike Duran talking about his cattle mutilations and UFO sightings, before his on-tape interview.

Season 2:

Ready to shoot my segment for the Dead Elk episode. Ben telling me we’re going to shoot two segments at this location. Photo UFOnut LLC.

While shooting my Paranormal Highway of America episode, I was also used for a segment for the episode, “The Real Exorcist and Mystery of the Dying Elk”. Here we’re getting ready to shoot my segment.

Pond I took water samples from, for The Real Exorcist and Mystery of the Dying Elk” episode. Photo UFOnut LLC.

In the Dying Elk episode I took water samples for a lab to see if toxic Blue-Green Algae was present. The algae was assumed the cause of their deaths. No toxins were found in the water samples I took.

Screen shot “The Real Exorcist and Mystery of the Dying Elk” episode Photo UFOnut LLC.

Off to Missouri to start shooting my Paranormal Highway episode.

Sean and Nick speaking with Dennis Havis. / Photo UFOnut LLC.

Here, we’re getting ready to interview Piedmont, Missouri’s former radio DJ, Dennis Havis. Dennis was the go-to reporter during Piedmont’s 1973 UFO flap.

Jean Coleman, Kathleen Leach and production crew. / Photo UFOnut LLC.

The production crew is on location at Clearwater Lake, talking to Jean Coleman and Kathleen Leach. Both when younger, witnessed a craft rising out of Clearwater Lake, in Missouri during the 1973 Piedmont, Missouri UFO flap. I went back to this lake for an episode of Alien Highway, and ran my Binary Light Experiment. We saw strange activity just above the lake that night.

Detective, Mark Lopinot. / Photo UFOnut LLC.

In this photo, we’re getting ready to interview Detective Mark Lopinot. Back in 2000 when he was a patrolman for O’Fallon, Illinois Police department, he witnessed a large triangular craft. The craft was over one hundred and fifty feet long and made no sound. When it moved, it just didn’t slowly glide, it skipped from location to location within a blink of an eye. Kinda mimics Bob Lazar’s theory about these crafts riding gravity waves.

Photo UFOnut LLC.

This drawn picture is what Detective Mark Lopinot saw. The incident is known as, The Highland Illinois Triangular sighting of 2000. Multiple police departments chased this craft.

Photo UFOnut LLC.

This is the picture of the craft that was taken by law enforcement with a portable camera from a patrol car for accident reports. The lights you see on this picture are the backside of the craft. The wavy lines of the light is hand movement while taking the picture. It was a pretty exciting moment.

Photo Chuck Zukowski UFOnut LLC.

Rob, our cameraman is setting up his camera for one of my drive-by shots on a long and narrow highway. We did a few of these type of shots.

Photo Chuck Zukowski UFOnut LLC.

Sean Smith, the Showrunner (Director) is on the left, then Rob the cameraman, then Dulce, New Mexico Alien underground base researcher, John Rhodes. He’s using my marine binoculars to view Dulce Mountain in New Mexico. One thing I like about marine binoculars is, they’re designed to filter some of the sun’s reflection from the water. This filter works really well for landscape viewing and the internal cross hairs and compass comes in handy when wanting to pin-point specific sites.

Former Senator, Dave Schmidt. / Photo UFOnut LLC.

I’m standing next to my truck with former Washington State Senator, Dave Schmidt. Dave is convinced there is an underground tunnel system across the US. He also told me that sitting Presidents may not necessarily be told about UFO secrets. Remember, our President is basically a part timer and not a long time employee of our deep state.

Me and Showrunner Sean Smith ready to hike. Photo UFOnut LLC.

Sean Smith was a pleasure to work with. Not only is he very good at being a Showrunner (director) but also acted as a second cameraman and drone operator. And yes, I have a gun on my hip. I don’t hike mountains and/or run investigations in remote areas, without carrying a gun. I only carry where it’s legal.

Interesting story about carrying a gun on a production shoot. I shot a segment on a TV show called, “Chasing UFO’s”, maybe some of you remember that one. We were shooting at night in the Colorado mountains and my segment was to accompany host James Fox to a secluded location. Well I put my gun on my hip because we have mountain lions here, and one of the showrunners saw it. She immediately told me to take it off. Well she’s from California and I’m in Colorado, so I told her, “no”. The look on her face was priceless. I guess no one ever said no to her. I told her my safety and the safety of the crew I’m with takes precedence over her gun methodologies. Well very shortly after that, another production assistant came driving up from another location at high speed and hit the brakes. Immediately jump out of their car and yelled, “A large mountain lion just crossed in from of my vehicle!” The showrunner I had a conflict with quickly turned to me and said, “Keep the gun on.” Wise choice.

As it turned out they featured my side arm on that episode, because while we were shooting my segment, another team had run into fresh mountain lion tracks and split up in panic.

If you want to get attacked by a mountain lion out in the middle of no where, then by all means, split up. Oh well, “Some people’s Kids!”

Anyway it turns out no one got hurt or eaten and it was fun working with James Fox.

And now back to the blog. 🙂

Dulce mountain, Dulce, New Mexico. Photo UFOnut LLC.

This is the mountain in which a secret military base resides. The base is more on the other side, or nearer the Colorado border. Some people in Dulce say it’s an underground military base, only humans, yet others say it’s an underground base with aliens and humans. But either way, they all agree, there’s an underground base there.

Photo UFOnut LLC.

John Lear’s office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Son of John William of (Lear Jets), John Jr. worked for the Dept. of Defense and flew for the CIA from time to time. He was and still is very active in the UFO community. He was one of the few people who received the famed, “Dulce Papers” which released info about the Dulce Human/Alien Underground base in New Mexico. John and his wife were such a pleasure to work with, I’ll never forget our conversations.

Rob wiring a microphone to Pat Travers. Photo UFOnut LLC.

Pat Travers the owner of the “Little A’Le’Inn” in Rachel, Nevada. While investigating sighting reports near Area 51, I used to stop by the Inn from time to time and have lunch. This is the place to eat and shop, when driving on the Extraterrestrial Highway, 375 near Area 51, Nevada. Pat is so cool, when I used to go to the Inn, we would talk shop… uh UFOs.

Photo UFOnut LLC.

If you stop by the Little A’Le’Inn for food or shopping, take a look around and see if you can find my dollar bill I hung back in 2014. 🙂

T.D. Barnes. / Photo UFOnut LLC.

I’m with T. D. Barnes former Area 51 radar operator. We had just got finished filming in my truck.” T.D.” was a very cool person to hang with, he had some really interesting stories about ’51.

West Gate, Area 51. / Photo UFOnut LLC.

This is the West Gate entrance to Area 51. We shot some interviews here while watching the gate, while they were watching us.

Close-up of West Gate at Area 51, / Photo UFOnut LLC.
The RAW TV production crew in front of my house.  
Starting on the left: Rob, Ben, me, Sean, and Nick

The Raw TV film crew hailed from London. Very professional and very experienced, this was by far the best crew I’ve ever worked with before Alien Highway. They were very considerate with all the UFO witnesses they met, unlike other crews I’ve spent time with who didn’t care. These guys are top notch and I hope I get to work with one or all of them again in the future.

Episode Ninja:

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