UFO TV: What Would You Like to See?

Since the airing of Alien Highway I’ve received a few emails from production scouts looking for talent. Most of the production companies they’re representing have projects that are being pitched to networks, and some “very few” have shows that have already been approved by a TV channel or network. In those cases the scouts are looking for talent to either host or help host their shows.

From time to time I get an email from a production company asking for help with their project, but I tell them, “If you want my material, you have to include me in your show.” Well that normally doesn’t work out so well and they go elsewhere pestering other investigators. Those type of production scouts who also falsely represent themselves as “producers” are what I like to call, “Production Leeches”. These are the people who want something for nothing. Well I’ve been burned a couple of times by certain production companies who’ve used my material and never gave me credit. So you live and learn.

Recently within the last few months I’ve been approached by three separate production companies interested in my expertise, but nothing really panned out. What all three opportunities wanted, was a person to host a show in a studio environment. Now I’m not one to turn down an opportunity, so I like to be open to any or all TV project possibilities. I’m an outdoor person, a Field Investigator, and I always want to look for evidence, but if sitting in a studio somewhere can achieve a positive outcome, then “hell” I’m all for that. I’m guessing most of these types of shows are probably created due to COVID right now or maybe that could be the way the industry is headed.

Will there be an opportunity for me to do what I love on TV again? I hope so, because there’s a lot going on out there and people need to be informed.

So now I’ll take this blog back to the title:

“TV, What Would You Like to See?”

Really the end-game in television is with the viewers. It’s all about ratings and making the show’s sponsors happy. And putting on a TV show isn’t cheap, some show’s will pay 300K per episode, which is around 2.5 million per season. So yes, it’s about recouping that money with good ratings.

My show “Alien Highway” had good ratings but didn’t target Travel Channel’s specific market. Alien Highway’s target market appeared to be men and women aged 35 to 55. A lot of these new shows are targeting late teens to late 20’s. I don’t know why, the 2019 target audience that watched my show made the most amount of money in the US.

Statistics: The average annual total money earnings of individuals in the United States in 2019, by age group. In 2019, the average worker in the United States aged 45 to 54 earned an average of 72,514 U.S. dollars per year. That made 45 to 54 year olds the highest earning age group, on average, in 2019.

So if a network or production company wants a TV show that can target the age group that makes the most money then, hey, let’s talk; But I do want to thank Travel Channel for giving me the opportunity to do Alien Highway. They put a lot of faith in me, time and money, and that’s pretty cool. If they decide to re-boot Alien Highway, then I have some ideas to target their specific market.

I want to teach and inform the younger generation. If I can’t accomplish what I want to do, then I need the younger generation to step in. The one thing I like about the younger generation is, less skepticism. The majority of Millennials I speak with are already convinced that there’s intelligent life outside this planet, and that’s very comforting to me. This tells me that when ET life is proved without a shadow of doubt, I’ll know the younger generation will be ready for it and not panic.

Now, what type of UFO show would the readers of this website like to see?

  • Interview in a studio environment talking with eye witnesses with re-created stories by actors?
  • Investigator in the field interviewing eye witnesses and looking at their evidence, like I did with my episode, “Paranormal Highway” on the “Unexplained Files”, TV show?
  • Investigative team looking at evidence while running their own investigations like we did with “Alien Highway”.
  • Or something completely different? Explain.

Just leave a one or two line comment, and if you like, add an age like, I’m over 30 or under 30.

I do get a lot of people in the TV production industry cruise my website from time to time, so I would love for them to see your answers.

So, let me know what you think. Thank you.

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