UFOs Sighted Near Minuteman Missile Silos (Golf Launch Facility) – 1965

UFOs Sighted Near Minuteman Missile Silo (Golf Launch Facility)

     b. Reported from Hotel Launch facility and observed by nine military personnel with the aid of binoculars.

(1). The first sighting was of an object the size of a star which appeared to the Southeast and traveled Westward, disappearing to the Southwest. Object was at 20,000 feet, very fast, and reappeared at four 25 minute intervals on the same course.

By Department of The Air Force
Headquarters 90th Strategic Missile Wing (SAC)
Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming

(2). The second sightings were to the North of the observation point. Object was slightly less than the size of a pea but appeared slightly larger with each successive sighting. Resembled a luminous glow, white to yellowish in front, semi-circular in shape, and the last two sightings appeared to have a trailing white glow.

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